Life…. what it has been, what it is, and what it will be. For each individual the answer is different but there is a common ground that we all share. We can’t change the past, we contribute to the “now”, and the future has yet to happen.

Our is past is just that, our past. We can not change what has already happened. We can not rewind time. We can not undo what has already been done. But what we can do is not let our past define us. We can choose to wear our scars with pride. We can let the pain help us gain insight, empathy, or a great lesson. We can let our past make the way for us to be a better person. We can rise above whatever circumstances we come from. We can choose to do different than what was done to us or how we have done. The beauty about the past is that we have already endured it and it can be put behind us.

Our present is our time for growth. It is doing the best that we can with what we got in the moment. It is taking steps forward to reach our goals and dreams of a better future. It is being content with where we are while we are making moves to be our best selves and ensure our best futures. It is learning lessons from mistakes and making better choices. It is facing each day, each situation, each hardship, with a positive attitude and determination to make the best of it. We get to contribute to our present moment and to make the best of this moment in time. We get to make the decision of what we will do with the time that we have right now.

Our future is the beauty of it all. It has yet to come and we get to contribute to building it. It is what feeds our hope. It is what helps drive us to push forward in present obstacles. It is what makes us push our heels in deeper to climb the hills of trouble or difficulty throughout our daily lives. The possibilities of our future is what encourages us to keep going when we want to throw in the towel. Our future is yet to come and is all the reason to do what we gotta do to shape it the way that we want it to be. It is the reason to make sacrifices now that will build a better tomorrow, a better week, a better year, and a better forever. Although we can’t predict the future we can do our part to make the best of one that we can make.

Our past may have been traumatic or not the best but it does not have to define our future. We can choose to forgive for the better of our own heart and let go of the pain that weighs us down. Our present is our opportunity for growth. It is the “here and now” that we get to make choices and decisions to help us for a better tomorrow. It is the present moment that we can make the best of what we got. And our future is yet to be seen. It is full of hope and dreams. It is what we look forward to in our present moments of hardship or difficulty. Our future is ours for the making. It can be as big as we want and work for it to be. Our past has nothing to do with our future but our present does play a roll in it. We have to use our present time to build a better future for ourselves in all areas of life. We can use the trials and tribulations that we face to help our future instead of hinder it. Never loose sight of the promises that God gives us on the life we lived, the life we are currently living, and our life to come.

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