Living Our best life

We are all put on this earth for a reason. We all have a certain journey meant just for us. We all have a certain path that we are meant to walk that will lead us to the best life that we could possibly have. We were all created to walk the earth reflecting the glory of the Lord. Because God’s ultimate goal is to show His glory through us, we can rest assure that we will have the best that we can possibly have if we follow His guidance and His will for our lives.

Many people tend to think that Having the best life possible consist of having all the money and grand material things in life, but actually, some of the richest people on earth are also the most miserable people on earth. While material things are nice to have, they do not create lasting happiness, contentment, satisfaction, and wholeness in life. Having our best life consist of being complete on the inside. A great life is full of peace, joy, love, and contentment. Some of the poorest people are the happiest people because they look within themselves instead of to the world. They are living their best life with purpose and meaning that many of us are too selfish to understand.

For me, it was not until I was able to understand what life was about on a deeper level that I gained a much better life than I had ever had before. Nothing on the outside of my life had changed for the better, matter of fact, it had got worse than it was. But I had become so happy, content, fulfilled, and complete with life. Everything on the inside of me had changed for the better even though the world around me was crumbling down. But I had learned that my life could be great if I let go of the world’s view of what life was suppose to be like and I lived for what God says life is suppose to be like. Once I realized that Jesus knows more than I do and that He would lead me in the directions that would be best for me, and then decided that I was going to live for Him instead of the world, everything started to change. It was then that I began to experience what real life was all about.

It is a life long journey full of lessons and changes, but living for Jesus is the best way to have the best life that we can have. We will always have trails and troubles because of the way that the world is but we can overcome and conquer anything that comes our way. We do not have to face or fight anything on our own because Jesus is on our side, giving us the strength, power, wisdom, and endurance that we need to make it threw. We will make mistakes and may get off track from time to time but Jesus will always be there to guide us back onto the right path. We have the best teacher, counselor, provider, and friend that anyone could ask for. We have someone that understands our weaknesses, faults, and pains because He faced the same things. And we have someone that loves us unconditionally, no matter what, forever and always.

We have value and worth in the eyes of Jesus and He wants us to see ourselves the way that He sees us. He wants us to believe in ourselves the same way that He believes in us. He doesn’t want us to let fear, doubt, or the enemy stand in the way of us doing great things. He doesn’t want us to let our past keep us from a bright future. He wants to lead us into the freedom and ability to do what ever it is that we need to do to have the life that we deserve to have, the life that He gave HIS life for us to have.

Being a Christian is about showing the glory of God to the world by living our lives for Jesus. It is living life with the supernatural power and abilities that we have because Jesus lives on the inside of us.  Because we believe in Jesus we are able to do anything that we need to do because we are not only living by our own power and ability. Because of our faith in Jesus we are able are able to live our best life now. Praise God!!