I want to take a moment and give you a reason to believe in the power of God and prayer. I have had so many of these undeniable events happen in the past 12 years but I am still amazed each time that God shows up and out in my life. For anyone who is need of proof or a reminder that God does exist and can do anything I hope that this helps you.

Three weeks ago I went into surgery to correct some bone issues from my auto accident 12yrs ago. The 1st three days after surgery things looked good. Then I started having trouble with a hematoma and trapped fluid behind the incision area of my leg. My surgeon was on vacation and I was going to wound care for treatment. I created tunneling in eight areas of the wound and had four cultures come back positive for infections, including bone infection. I watched as the outer flesh started to rot away and was overwhelmed with fear of losing the leg that i had fought so hard to keep 12yrs ago. Each time I went to wound care it was getting worse as they had to dig in it and pack it every other day.

On Monday of this week I went to see my surgeon as he returned to the office. When he took off the dressing to my leg his mouth dropped open and he says, “oh no!! Oh my Amanda, oh my.”(all while shaking his head) He then says, “I need to go back into the operating room so I can reopen it to the bone, cut out all dead tissue, wash out all debrie, leave it open and place a wound vac on it.” As I left the office I was riddled with fear of the outcome of it all. When I got home I started calling everyone I knew to ask for prayers of healing.

The next morning I go to the hospital for surgery. The doc comes in and tells me again what he was going to do and places the wound vac machine that he was going to use at the end of my bed. About 2 hours later I wake up and surprisingly did not feel much pain. As I became more aware of what was going on i looked at the end of the bed and seen the wound vac machine still sitting there in it’s case. Confused about what was going on I asked the nurse why it was still there. She looks at me with these sparkly blue eyes and says, ” he didn’t need to put it on. He said that it was better than he thought it was going to be.” I was happy to hear that but I was also still very worried about what he did find when he went back in my leg.

Once I was out of recovery they wheeled me into a room that my mom was waiting for me in. When I looked over at her she had the biggest smile and look of relief on her face. I asked her what was going on and what the doctor had said to her and she says, ” girl, God is good and your prayers have been answered!” The doctor said that it was like night and day from how my leg was the morning before and that morning. He said that all the tunneling and infection were gone overnight and he had never seen that in his 20plus yrs of trauma and orthopedic surgery career. All he had to do is wash out the stuff that wound care had put in it and put a wet to dry dressing on it. He said that we were going to treat it the old school way with just wet to dry dressing changes twice a day and it should heal and scab over.

I did my 1st dressing change last night and then this morning when we changed it it had healed about 50% more already. The difference in it is astounding and a miracle that only God could do. I am amazed once again by the powers of our God. He always comes through when we need him most if we put our trust in him. Because I want to show proof of this miracle I am posting pictures of what the wound looked like Monday and then this morning (weds morning). They are grafic so beware. The one from this morning does not have the flash on so it is darker but I think you can see it well enough to see the miraculous difference. Please take a moment to comment “praise God” and give glory to our healing and almighty father!!! Thank you for reading and if you are in need of prayer for something please comment in the comment area and I will pray for you. Blessings to you all.




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