A hospital with a bunch of broken and wounded people

the meaning of church

I just heard a saying that touched me in a different way. It was “church is just a hospital with a bunch of broken and wounded people that are there in search of and being treated for their conditions and pains.” That is a true statement and it reflects the fact that no one is better than the next because we all have been at least bumped and bruised along the way in life. Some may think that a Christian is suppose to have it all together, and some Christians may act like that, but that is not true. We are all the same type of being, imperfect human beings. No one is greater than the next and no one is least than the next. We are all people that are at different walks in life, have had different experiences that have created different perspectives, and are at different levels of growth. We all bleed red but one persons blood may be thicker or thinner. We all have the same type of brain but one may have stronger neuro recepter connections than the next. And we all have the same kind of heart but one may beat faster or slower than the next. Our make up is the same but our thoughts, feelings, actions, and state of current being are all different.

Just because we go to church, wear a cross around our neck, listen to worship music, and are a Christian does not mean that we have it all together. It only means that we believe in Jesus and that we have the means to have our broken pieces put back together by the best doctor there is. We have the best surgeon to preform open heart surgery on us to fix whats been damaged so that we can function whole heartedly. We have the resources that we need to get well from the past and the opportunity to have a healthy and bright future. But we are not any better than the next person.

Church is suppose to be the best support group meeting that you could attend but that is often not the case. While we may have a great counselor it is the others in the group that make the experience a bad one. And I believe that is why many frown upon the church now days. As a Christ follower we are suppose to show compassion without judgement or pride. We are suppose to have empathy and gentleness. We are suppose to love our neighbor as our self. But instead you see people turn their nose up at the person that looks different. You hear the person talking about someone they sat beside in service that morning. You watch the looks that are given to those that aren’t looking or smelling their best. You see people act like they have it all together and are perfect but you know that they are completely dysfunctional outside of church. And that is what has given the church a bad name. I know of many people that have gone from church to church, searching for an place to worship and serve God with authentic people only to never find such a place. I have heard many people down Christianity because of their own bad experience with the church. It saddens me to know that Jesus wants us to be there for each other, and that He created us for such a purpose, but it doesn’t get honored and people are turned away from such relationships with authentic people because of the bad apples in the bunch.

If we would all humble ourselves, stop the judgement and gossip, show compassion, and be authentic, I think that we would draw a lot more people to God and the church. I think that we could help each other in our walks of life better if we would be true to who we were created to be. And I believe that we would all be in a much happier state of being if we could all come together equally, sharing love and empathy towards each other. If we had a place to go that we felt like we were equal and not judged or alone in our struggles it would make a big difference in our healing. The support that we could have and give from coming together as one could mean the difference of life and death, literally.

Even if we do have it all together and have fixed our broken parts we are still no better than the next person. It is only because of Jesus that we are healed and all put together. Each one of us come from somewhere, with our own life story, and each one is different. If you were blessed to have a great upbringing and a happy childhood then you have the ability to give the ones that didn’t something that they missed out on. And if you have been healed from having one bad experience after another you may have gone threw those things to be able to help others that are, or have gone threw the same or similar things. If you are walking threw hard times now then you can have compassion for others and show support to others who are struggling too. We can all help each other out somehow when we come together as equals and share the love that God has for us and that is what church should be like.

Let’s all come together and start to make a difference. Let’s all vow to go to our place of worship with a open mind and heart. Let us come as we are, without any mask on. Let’s search out the ones that seem to be needed to be loved the most, despite appearance. Let us be an example of true Christian love and what the church attendees should be like and make Jesus smile down on us.

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