I think that it I fair to say that we all want to be seen, heard, and cared about. We want to know that we matter. And when you have been hurt, let down, taken advantage of, rejected, abandoned, and many other things you can feel the total opposite. You can feel like you are invisible and of no value to anyone. And the enemy loves to use our feelings to bring us down because if we are down and feel bad about ourselves then we won’t be a positive and loving force in this dark world. But even though we may feel unseen and unloved it is a lie because there is someone that sees and loves us unconditionally.

We can be extremely hurt by people. We can be made to feel like the dirt on the sole of someone’s shoes. When we are as good as we know to be to someone and in return they devalue or use us it can be a pierce to the heart. But it is important that we learn to not take it so personally. We never know what the other person has experienced that has made them act the way that they do.

We can’t make other people treat us fairly and we can’t make them value us. It is a choice that they have to make. But we can rest in the fact that if nobody else values us and sees us for the good that we are God does. We are always seen and care for by God. When you feel alone, not seen, or unappreciated know that God is with you and appreciates you. When you feel unheard know that God hears you. When you feel rejected or abandoned know that He will never abandand you or reject you. Matter of fact he is always there with his arms wide open welcoming you.

If you have people in your life that do not treat you well sometimes you have to make a choice to end that relationship. If you can’t end the relationship you have to at least set boundaries. Don’t allow that person to take advantage of you or mistreat you. Stand up for yourself and your values. And try to find some comfort in the fact that there is probably a deep root of pain or abuse in the person’s past that has caused them to be the way that they are. It doesn’t excuse their actions but it does help you to not take it so personally.

Even if no one else sees you, I see you and God sees you. Even though I may not know you personally I still care about and value the person that you are and so does God. Even if nobody else wants to hear you I would love to hear from you and so would God. You are not alone in your pain or struggles, you just need to reach out. We all matter. We all have value. And we are all always seen by God.

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