Set yourself free

We can have a hard time when it comes to humbling ourselves and facing our truths. It is always so much easier for us to write off our wrongs with blame and excuses. I mean, no one wants to say that they struggle, have faults, makes horrible choices, is selfish, etc. We hate to say that we were wrong so we point fingers and put blame on others or situations for our actions.

Trying to be righteous is very tiring and will exhaust you because you are trying to be something that you will never be able to be. You wear yourself out from trying to find excuses to excuse your actions. But when we humble ourselves at the feet of Jesus and admit that we are imperfect and unrighteous, and maybe even a hot mess, we are freed from the impossible position that we are trying to uphold. We free ourselves from the chains of perfectionism. And with that freedom comes joy, less stress, and a sense to be able to relax and be yourself. You are able to let go of the thought that you always have to be smarter, stronger, prettier, nicer, better, than someone else. You don’t have the worry that someone is going to figure the “real you” out because you have set yourself free to be you, flaws and all.

Humbling ourselves towards ourselves is one of the best things that we can do for ourselves. Instead of having to come up with an excuse and say, “well I wouldn’t have done what I did if so and so wouldn’t have done such and such.” You can simply say, “I was wrong and should not have done such and such” PERIOD!! You may have a good reason as to why you do what you do but you don’t have to make excuses for it.

Humbling ourselves also helps us to see others from a different perspective as well. We can have more patience, empathy, and compassion for others when we face our own truths. We may rid the underlying attitude that we have towards others when we humble ourselves because we have less pressure to try to be better than them. We may treat people better because we no longer feel the need to appear without a flaw. We will treat people better because we no longer have the need to defend ourselves for our actions because we take a position that is less than perfect by humbling ourselves. And because we allow room for our imperfections we can now allow room for others imperfections too.

Facing my truths and humbling myself gave me a new look on life and it freed me in many ways. I had such a weight off of my shoulders when I faced the fact that I can not be best at everything nor can I do everything right. I have flaws, I make mistakes, I speak before I think at times, I talk too much sometimes, I overthink situations sometimes, I jump to conclusions before I get the whole story, and many other things. Once I spoke my truth about myself I suddenly had no need to defend myself with excuses and reasons as to why I acted poorly. It felt really weird, yet awesome, the first time that i apologized for something and simply said, ” i was totally wrong for what i did and i am sorry.PERIOD. I actually caught my tongue trying to move to speak and my brain trying to try to make an excuse but I stopped and told myself “no mandie, that is all that needs to be said, don’t say another word.” It was a good feeling to own my junk and give a sincere apology with no finger pointing. I actually felt better about myself for doing it. By humbling myself I have been able to work on some of my flaws and have become a better person because of it. It made me aware of my issues so that I could work on them and make some changes. I still have miles to go but I have begun the journey and so can you.

What do you need to humble yourself at the feet of Jesus about? What is your truth that you need to face to set yourself free? What is the weight that you have been carrying? Why do you always feel the need to have to defend yourself or make someone else look worse than you? Sit at Jesus’s feet today and ask him to help you humble yourself so that you can face your truth and be set free from the chains holding you down.

3 thoughts on “Set yourself free

  1. Amen! I could not have said this better thank you from the words on your page to my ears to my site to gods victory he will overcome and I’m glad I can humble myself to him thank you again for these kind words and truth


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