We were born with it

ROMANS 8:21 Against it’s will, all creation was subjected to God’s curse.

Do you ever wish that you did not have that part of you that urged you to do things that were no good for you? You know, that part of you that screams to, “just do it anyway” when the other part of you is telling you to not do it and to do the right thing. That part that tells you to eat the whole bag of chips, to text the ex that broke your heart, to drink the liquor, smoke the cigerrette, do the line of cocaine, or spend the rent money on something else. Do you ever look at yourself as being a bad person because you have these “wrong” desires? Do you question your worth because you always seem make mistakes or wrong choices? Do you ever feel like you are less loved because of your failures? Well you should not ever feel like you are less than someone else or that you are a bad person. Nor should you feel that something is wrong with you because you always seem to make wrong or bad choices.

We did nothing to deserve to be born with the sinful nature. We were born no different than anyone else just because we make wrong choices. We are not bad people because we have the sinful nature within us. You are no less lovable because you mess up. You are no less valuable because you keep making the same mistakes. We were all born with sin within us and none of us asked for it. But there is hope.

When we are reborn we have the spirit of God come and make His home in our spirit. Our spirit is made perfect when God makes His home in us. Our soul, which is where our sinful nature resides, remains the same but is not beyond repair. We can get control of our sinful nature little by little now that we have another power other than just ourselves that lives with in us. It will take our entire lifetime to get it all worked out but we can gain control little by little. Even if it takes you 10 years to get a handle on a sinful action that you want to stop doing it does not make you any less valuable or worthy. It does not make God love you less because you keep slipping up. He sees that you are trying and that you want to do what is right or best. He knows what it is like to have these struggles of sin. And he loves you no less because you struggle with a sin that someone else does not struggle with.

We ALL have sin within us. Does it make you a better person because you do not talk about people, but, you do think judgmental thoughts about them? No it doesn’t. Does it make the next person a better person than you because they do not drink alcohol but they do over eat? No it doesn’t. Sin is sin. It is all the same and we all live with it. But we are not at fault because we were born with it. We did not ask for it. And we are all in this struggle together. I am no better than you are and you are no better than I am. We all have to rely on Jesus as our savior from this struggle of sin.

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