It is worth your time

As I sat here this morning feeling defeated, tired, wore down, with my spirit heavy and wanting to just go back to bed, I had the urge to want to listen to some praise music. I was taking care of the daily routine stuff, you know the responsibilities in the household, and felt like I was suppose to do these things first but the Holy Spirit kept telling me to take time out for Him first. SO I stopped what I was doing and turned on the t.v. to the Hillsong music channel. Soon as my ears heard the lyrics, “Holy Spirit, all consuming, consume me, as I call on your name Jesus, with the power of your presence,” I had a tingling feeling overcome my entire body and tears started to flow. My down mood, body aches, the feeling of defeat, it all faded as I listened to those lyrics. All of the sudden I felt happy, empowered, rejuvinated to face the day. What was a feeling of dread on defeat had turned into gratitude, joy, and a readiness to face the day.

I wanted to share this because I wonder how many of us have those feelings of dread and defeat as we start to face our day and we choose to go threw out the day without the joy and peace that Jesus offers us. We do not take out the time, even if it is only 5 minutes, to praise our Lord and to get the supernatural power that is available to us. We feel like there is more important things that we have to take care of first. When the truth is that we have to take care of our spirit first if we are going to be able to happily handle the days duties. Things are much more joyous and easier when we acknowledge and invite the Holy Spirit to walk with us and to help us with life. The difference that it can make when we ask for Jesus to consume our spirit and acknowledge his presence is amazing. When we put him first in our daily schedule he will help us each step of the way. We can do things that we do not want to do with ease and peace. We can do things that are hard or challenging with joy. Everything is better when we start our day with Jesus. And after experiencing that this morning for the 1st time in awhile I wanted to share that with you as encouragement to take the time for yourself to get empowered by a force that you will find no where else. And also to remind you that when we praise our Lord and savior it gives us a sense of his presence and the joy and peace that it brings.

We can truly turn any bad or rough day around by simply asking the holy spirit to consume us and call on the name of Jesus and acknowledging that we are not alone in our struggle. We have a supernatural power and a great guider to help us face the day with joy and peace. We have a great partner to share everything that we face with that genuinely cares. But we have to acknowledge it and give thanks for it and keep it in front of our mind or life will push that truth to the back burner and we will get overcome by the struggles.

2 thoughts on “It is worth your time

  1. Dennis Osborn

    Truly good news for those who feel rushed and hurried. Taking that few minutes to allow Jesus to minister to you through music just seems do encouraging. Your posts delight me. May somtime you would allow me to share one of your posts on my blog. Just today I posted my first guess post. If you choose not to, i understand. May God keep blessing your ministry.



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