You got it

The bible is a great instruction manual for our life. It tells us if we want to have peace to do this and if we want to have joy to do that. It tells us if we don’t want to have to suffer a negative consequence then we shouldn’t do this or that. It all comes down to the fruit of the spirit called self control. And if we are going to have self control we must start disciplining ourselves. And that can be hard to do when we have done certain things for many years. It is like breaking a bad habit. And we all know how challenging it can be to break a bad habit that we have done for many many years. But because we have the fruit of self control within our spirit it is possible to do. It may not be easy to do but it is possible. You have the power within you to break any chain that is holding you hostage. You got it.

when you are learning something new it takes some time for you to get that knowledge into your brain, right. Or if you are learning how to do something it takes time and you doing the task over and over before you get it down pat, right. Well the same things goes with self control and discipline. We have to do it over and over until we get it ingrained within us.

I see learning self control as gaining spiritual muscle. If you want to tone up muscles in your body you have to be willing to do the hard workouts and be uncomfortable lifting the heavy weights. You have to be willing to go threw the tough, not so “feel good” things, to get the results that you want right. It is the same thing with strengthening the spirit of self control. We may not necessarily like the workout but we will love the end results of it. And most of the time we end up realizing that we are much stronger and capable than we thought we were when we first started to workout.

No matter how hard it may be to start the new thing that God is telling you to do, you got it. It may be very uncomfortable to your flesh to deny yourself the thing that you have been doing for so long but you got it. It may seem impossible to stop the habit that you have had for 20 years but you got it. You have the spirit of self control within you. You just have to work it out and strengthen it by disciplining yourself. And because of the fact that were you are weak, Jesus is strong, you can rest assure that you can accomplish what you set out to do because you got it!!!

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