Don’t give in

When you are desiring a Godly change in your life please know that you have an enemy that is going to do his best to derail that change. He will work in any way possible to keep you from being successful at it. He will use your emotions, your thoughts, your time or lack of, and people to try to stand in the way. Whenever we are desiring better for ourselves he is going to fight us so hard. But please know that if you are being attacked by the enemy then your change is going to bring greatness to you. Why else would he try so hard to keep you from achieving it?

When you feel that something is trying to stand in the way of you making the change that you want to make stand strong and refuse to give into what ever it is that is trying to keep you from it. Do not give into the feelings or bad thoughts. Do not let others talk you out of what you are trying to do. Do not listen to the lies that the enemy is putting into your head. Stand your ground, fight your battle, and know that victory is on the way.

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