You always have someone

Did you know that you are very special and that someone has you on their mind at all times? Did you know that someone believes in you? Did you know that when you are hurting that there is someone that is hurting with and for you? Did you know that you have someone that is always rooting for you, even when you have been bad? Did you know that someone admires you? Did you know that someone sees past your bad behavior and your bad words and actions, into your heart of hearts and knows why you act the way that you do? Did you know that you have someone that is with you all the time, threw the good and bad? Did you know that you have someone that will never turn their back on you no matter what you do? Did you know that someone loves you soooo much that they gave their life to save your life?

Well you do have someone that is for you and not against you all the time. You do have someone that loves you with every part of their being. You do have someone that is always walking right beside you threw all of the good and the bad. You do have someone that believes in you and admires you. And you do have someone that loves you so much that He gave his own life so that you could have a real life. And His name is Jesus!!!!

Jesus will never leave you, give up on you, turn his back on you, or stop loving you. He will love you in the midst of your mess and nothing that you do will change his mind about that. There is nothing that will come between you and the love that he has for you. There is nothing that you can do to make him not be there for you when you need him the most.

When we realize the person that Jesus is and how he feels about us, suddenly the world doesn’t feel so lonely. When we realize the love that he has for us it will get us threw the darkest of days. And when we realize just how special we are to him we come to know our true worth and value. The world and the people in it will hurt us, let us down, turn their backs on us, and leave us all alone. But with Jesus we never have to worry about him leaving us, hurting us, or turning his back on us. Fall in love with Jesus today because he is in love with you.

11 thoughts on “You always have someone

  1. Thank you, Mandie. God bless you, too, sis. I will be praying for you. You are doing so much good with this blog and I will pray your book gets published as well, sis. 🙂


  2. God bless you, too, Mandie. I will share your blog when I can. I’d be happy, to. That’s awesome you can do your own editing. I am also on a disability. I need to pay for editing, formatting and the cover and publish it through Amazon Kindle, and I have just enough now for all that. I am trusting God with the promotion of this book. I know that’s not how most people do it, but He told me to write this book for a reason. It’s not about me, but about Him and what He can do through this book and beyond. I do feel for you because paying for publishing costs is tough on a small budget. The Project is really an unusual idea and the book will be, too. But God can use it and I’m sure He will. I will be praying for you, sis. 🙂


    1. mandie

      Thank you Jayden for sharing my blog and for prayers. You are absolutely right about God will provide the promotion of your book for you!!! He I’d faith full to bring to pass what he wants us to do!! Blessings to you my brother!!

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  3. Awesome, Mandie. Thank you for sharing this. I went through a really rough and scary time recently, and thought even God was mad at me. But a friend reached out to me because God told him to. It really helped me and encouraged me. So now I feel like I can move forward with what God has for me to do. It’s even ok that I have no one to really talk to about what I’m working on. I call it “The Project”. It’s my job to do what God called me to do, which is write down the idea I prayed about to Him, and then I just have to trust Him to bring it to pass once I’ve finished it. Thanks for your wonderful words and sharing your faith and love for the Lord with us all. God bless you. 🙂


    1. mandie

      Thank you for sharing with me Jayden. It is so easy to think that God is like us humans and that he gets mad at us just like people do. But oh how we are so wrong about that. I am so grateful that understands our human nature and our imperfections and loves us threw our messes. I have had strong desire of telling the world about the wonderfulness of God ever since my auto accident 10yrs ago that completely changed my life but also brought me close to Jesus. It is coming along slowly but none the less it is happening!!Good luck on your “project” and may you feel the love of God every day!! Blessings to you!!

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      1. Hi, Mandie. Thank you. I agree with you. I really felt the worst and was in a bad way and I thought God was mad at me. But He showed me He is in my corner and for me. I would love to share what I am working on, but I can’t talk about it openly. It’s something I prayed about some time ago. I prayed to God about my “Project” and He told me to write it down and share it as a novel. He even gave me Scripture and assured me my idea would come to pass and that He would use it in a major way. I am working on that now and it should be published sometime early next year. It’s kind of an outrageous idea that no one is expecting and I am fully expecting a lot of criticism from both Christians and critics. But it’s ok. The most important thing is people hear, read and talk about it. At some point it’s going to be something God will use in a wonderful way that no one would ever expect. I am so glad you are so close to the Lord and love Him, and have a love for people and want to share God with everyone. That’s what it’s all about.


      2. mandie

        Hi Jayden I myself have had a desire to write and publish a book. I have accomplished the writing part but as you probably well know the cost of publishing is not cheap if you are looking for promotion and marketing along with publishing. Being on disability does not allow you to have extra money for things like that so I am currently looking for sponsorship or such to help get it published. I am kin the final stages of self editing and then I will go from there. I want to make sure that it is at it’s best before I present it to any possible contributors. I wish you luck on your journey and please inform me when your “project” is available because I am eager to check it out. And please spread the word about my blog as I long to reach people and encourage them in their walk. We all need to know that we have the possibility to have an amazing life when we walk with Jesus. May God bless you!!

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