Our human make up

Understanding our make up as a human being is what helped me in the beginning to be able to make changes that had a positive impact on my life. Once I was able to understand myself better I was equipped with the knowledge that I needed to fight against myself for a better self and future.

We are a spirit, a soul, and a body. We are a spirit being that has a soul and lives in a body. Our spirit is the deepest part of our being and is where Jesus resides at if we have invited Him into ourselves. We posses a soul which is our mind, our will, and our emotions. And we live in a body. Our spirit is what is made perfect when we receive Jesus and it remains perfect. Our soul is what says “I want, I think, and I feel” and it has to constantly be renewed. Our body does whatever it is told to do but would rather just do nothing. God sees us as our true self which is our spirit. I often think of our spirit as our heart. Our soul is where the battle takes place for our lives and what is best for us. It is very selfish and only lives in the moment. It wants what it wants, when it wants it, how it wants it, and does not care about the consequences in the long run. Our spirit is what tells us what the right thing to do is and our soul is what says, “but I want……. “. Listening to our soul is what gets us in trouble. But we can learn to listen to our spirit instead of our soul.

When I learned this I finally understood what was going on inside of me all those times that I would know what I should do but yet I did something else. I understood the reasons why I was making bad choices even though a part of me wanted to do right. And with that knowledge came power to stand up for my true self, my spirit, so that I could have a better life and be a better and happier person. It was like fighting tooth and nail at first because my soul was so use to getting it’s way. It kicked and screamed within me wanting what it wanted, but the more that I did not give into it the less it kicked and screamed. I would have to talk to myself and remind myself that it was my soul that was fighting me and that my spirit is stronger and knows what is best. I still have times that my soul kicks and screams and at times does get it’s way but it is not long before I am suffering a consequence that reminds me of what giving into my soul does and I am empowered to fight against it.

Our Spirit makes us who we truly are but our soul is what many of us have learned to live by. Our thoughts, will, and emotions have ran our lives for many years but they do not have to continue to do so. Start to deny your soul and let your spirit grow so that you can make the best choices and decisions for yourself and your life. We have Jesus with us in our spirit to help us along the way. Begin to live out the life that Jesus has for you today by starting to get control over your soul.

4 thoughts on “Our human make up

  1. Cher Ruddle

    That is awesome. The way you write that made suddenly everything so clear. That is the 2nd sign today that God is directing my life. For He knows I’ve been a prisoner of my soul my whole life. That was what was confusing me , a difference between a spirit and soul. Jesus Holy Spirit leaves in our spirit and how in the Bible the Psalms about O’ how my soul is aching , and all makes so much sense now. I think now I can finally be on my path to healing. Thank you for your inspiration.


    1. mandie

      I am thankful that the Lord gave me those words to speak to you. I love the way that He works. The fight between our spirit and our soul is a never ending battle. Our soul is so selfish always wanting it’s way but our spirit is so kind and gentle. I am glad that God see us through our spirit and not our soul that is for sure! I pray that I can continue to be an inspiration and encouragement to you on your walk with the Lord. Blessings to you.


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