Just receive His gifts

When I was told to receive Jesus and what he was offering me I had a hard time understanding how that worked. To be sure I had to do something or give something in order to get what he has to offer. To be sure I had to be good all the time and had to earn my blessings. I wanted all that I was reading and being told was available to me but I did not understand what to do to get it. Then one day the Lord put on my heart that just receive it from him. I said to the Lord, ” but what do I have to do to receive it”? He said, “Mandie, just as you do nothing but accept the gifts that someone gives you on your birthday or at Christmas, you simply accept what I want to give you”. Suddenly I understood what it meant to receive. Just as the only thing I did to get gifts from people on my birthday was be born into this world, all I have to do to have what Jesus has to offer is be born again in the spirit.

All we have to do in order to have the offerings of Jesus is to simply take hold of them and say thank you, just as we would a gift from someone. We do not have to work for them. We do not have to be exceptionally good. We do not have to do anything but receive them. Open your arms towards heaven and say,”Lord, I receive all of you and the wonderful gifts of forgiveness, righteousness, mercy, love, and grace. I recieve it now. Thank you for all that you are, all that you have done, and all that you have freely given me. In Jesus name AMEN”!

Receive Jesus and all the things that he wants to give you. Receive his love, his mercy, his peace, his joy, his forgiveness, and his grace today. He has waiting for you to accept these wonderful gifts and there is no better day than today to receive them.

2 thoughts on “Just receive His gifts

  1. The idea that people can receive all God has to offer free of charge is hard for some people to accept. But we all come to Him in His time and in different ways. I just woke up. I was dreaming I was walking along a street. I came to the end and there were parks everywhere. Except all of a sudden they were way below and I was high up on a cliff. I was not happy, lol. I am afraid of heights. I was crawling on my knees at that point and tried to back up the way I had come towards the street, but when I turned around I saw I was miles up on a cliff that way, too. I totally freaked, lol. I froze and stared at the ground and I prayed to Papa God to help me. And He woke me up right then. I am very grateful to Him for that. He understands everything we are going through. Even the little things. That’s Grace! 🙂


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