Trusting God in the unknown

We have thousands of promises from God written in the Bible. When we read the promises of prosperity and that he has a good plan for our lives we are filled with hope and joy. While things are going good in our lives it is easy to say that we trust in his promises. We say that we are in God’s hands and that he is working everything out for our good. But what about when our world is flipped upside down? Do we still trust him as we have said we do or do we start to worry or question his trust and faithfulness?

I am experiencing a test of my faith in his promises as we speak and every moment I am having to make a choice of either trusting that he is going to work this all out for the better or panicking, worrying, and not trusting in him. Ever since I was given the news I have had a deep inner peace that I know is coming from the Holy Spirit because in my own strength I would be frantic right now. This inner peace is helping me in choosing to trust in God that all this is happening to open the doors for a better and more secure future for my family and I. Looking at the situation from a factual point there is nothing that gives any signs of hope but that is when we have to put our faith in God the most. And I know that it will only be by his works that my situation turn out for the best. I want to share some of my situation with you for the purpose of giving you encouragement and hope for hard situations that may occur in your own future. I want to express that because we serve such a good God we have reason for hope even when it seems that there is nothing to hope for.

As you may know, if you have read my testimony on my website, I was in a horrible auto accident when I was 29yrs old that left me with many permanent disabilities and changed my life as I knew it. Therefore I have been unable to work since and can only receive SSI for income. But God worked things out where I was able to eventually move out on my own again and be able to care for my child on my own and we started creating our new future together, just him and I.

Fast forward 12yrs, to the present moment, he is now 22yrs old, he helps take care of me, his 5yr old daughter lives with us, and we have been working on establishing a future for him and his daughter as well as myself. I still have to have alot of medical care and correct damage that was done to my body from my accident so I feel like I am still recovering 12yrs later. I am currently fighting to keep my leg again but from a spider bite this time that happens to be on the skin graft from where the fuse box went threw my leg in my accident and I almost lost my leg from it. I am having surgery in a couple days to clean out debri and infection and I will have a wound vac to try to help heal the area.

Three days ago my landlord came up to my door and told me that he is retiring and that I have 60 days to move. 60 days is not enough time when I have to be bed ridden for 6-9wks after surgery, the housing/rental market is crazy right now, I have very low income which makes finding a place to move to 100 times harder, and the fact that there is very few properties even available (none for the amount that I can afford). So with that being said we are facing the fact that we may be homeless in 2mths. Every avenue that i have tried I keep facing the issue of money, not having enough income to be able to utilize any program. I keep having to fight the enemy from putting the negative and self-pity thoughts in my mind as I keep hitting dead ends on a solution to not being homeless. It is just us Three as we have no family or anyone to help us so our trust has to be in the Lord alone.

Being faced with medical, financial, and home hardships all at once can break a person if they do not have God to lean on and trust in. It can even break a person that does have God but doesn’t put their trust and faith in him to work ALL things out for the better. Being faced with such major unknowns can paralyze you in fear if you don’t put your hope in God to work it out.

I am reminded of the scripture that says facing trials are for our benefit as they help us to grow in our faith and that is what I keep telling myself. I keep reminding myself of the promises of God to work all things out for the better of those who love him. I think that it is natural to have the “what if” questions come to our mind when we are faced with trials and unknowns but that is when we get to show our trust and faith that most. I do not know what life is going to look like a week or mth from now but I do know that I serve a mighty God and he will never leave me nor foresake me. I know that when fear comes I have to speak against it and remind myself that I am not fighting my battle alone. And I have to keep my focus on the fact that God can work the worst of a situation out for the best of my future.

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I felt compelled to share my experience as a reason for hope and encouragement to others who may be facing hardships themselves. I hope that knowing that someone who is facing difficulties can get through it by trusting and believing in the promises of God will help others to be able to do the same. Thank you for reading and please come together in prayer with me on these things. Have a blessed day.

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