You are a conqueror

The Bible says that we are more than conquerors in Christ. Jesus is a mighty warrior and his spirit lives in us. In ourselves we are weak but with Jesus living in us we are strong. There is nothing that is too hard or too much for us to conquer because we no longer only have our own strength and power to rely on. No matter if there is a huge project, a bad habit, a tough situation, or a endless to do list that you are facing, you got this. You can do it!!! You can conquer anything that is thrown your way because you are more than a conqueror through Christ that lives on the inside of you. But if your not careful you can turn that molehill into a mountain.

While it is true that we can do what we need to do through Christ, we can also make the task seem 10 times harder than it actually is. Dread and procrastination can turn something that would be rather easy and smooth to accomplish into a dreadful battle. The longer we put something off or think about what we have to do the harder it becomes to do. The enemy loves to exaggerate reality so that it seems much harder or unreachable than it really is. Even if it is a personal goal that you have set for yourself, if you think too much into it, it will become much harder to achieve.

Get excited about what you have to do. Look forward to the end result instead of focusing on the work it’s going to take to get there. Think about that feeling of accomplishment that comes once you have completed a task and focus on that. Get a new attitude about the tough things you need to do and tell the enemy that you are a conqueror and not a quitter. We were built for tough things. We have what we need on the inside of us to accomplish anything we need or want to accomplish. But it is our mind, will, and emotions that we have to keep in check to make the process less complicated. If we constantly think or talk about how hard something is going to be, the harder it will be. If we pay attention to the feeling of not wanting to do a thing, the harder it will be to do. If we wait for when we want to do something it may never get done. We have to make the decision to just do it and look forward to the end result.

You are more than your feelings. You are more than your “want to” or “don’t want to’s.” You are stronger and more capable than you think you are. You are a conqueror and will have victory in all the things that you need to do because you are not fighting your battle alone. Jesus is our strength and he lives inside of us. You got this.

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