There are many places in the Bible that talk about if we do this then God will do that. They all are along the lines of reaping and sowing. This is something that proves itself in all of our lives. If we do good then we will reap good but if we do bad then we will eventually reap bad. Simple example is, if we want to lose weight we will have to eat good healthy foods and correct amounts of it. We can not eat junk food and expect to lose weight. Just as a farmer can not expect good crops if he doesn’t plant the seeds and tend to the field.

I think this is a principle that we need to keep in the front of our mind to help us make good choices and decisions throughout our lives. It is a truth that we can see play out right in front of us.

Sometimes we have to do the right thing for a long time before we will reap the reward. Sometimes we have to endure wrong while we are doing right but that doesn’t mean that we should give up on it. We are in a hurry to see our rewards but God knows when the time is just right. He knows what we need to endure in order to grow so that we will do right with our reward. If things come to us easily or we do not have to wait for them we do not appreciate them as much and may come to take them for granted or abuse them. So we can trust in the word that says, “you shall reap a harvest of plenty if you faint not” because God is the one who will bring it to pass.

Be diligent in sowing good seeds. Be patient when you are being wronged while you are doing right. Keep your faith that in due season God will bring it to pass at just the right time. Don’t give up in the fight to “overcome evil with good.” Don’t give up on doing what is right so that you get a right result. if we do what we need to do then God will do his part. Stay diligent and faint not so that you reap good in life.

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