We can’t always control the things that happen in life but we can control how we handle them and the attitude that we have. Our attitude dictates our level of joy. If we have a positive attitude we can remain hopeful even during the worst of circumstances. If we have a positive attitude we can shake off those nagging feelings when everything is going every direction except the direction that we want them to go. We create a positive attitude by thinking good thoughts, therefore we have to always keep a check on the kind of thoughts that run through our mind.

Many of us think that if this or that were different, if our spouse would do this or that, if our kids would listen and do as they were told, and etc. we would be happier. The problem with that is that we are allowing others and circumstances to dictate our level of happiness and it shouldn’t be like that. True, if certain people or things would go as we would like them too it would make it easier on us but if we wait for those things to happen then we will always have something keeping us from being really happy and enjoying life.

We can choose to think good and uplifting thoughts at any time. We can choose to think hope filled thoughts during any circumstance. We can choose to believe for the best when the worst is happening. We can have a positive attitude and be filled with joy if we really want to be because it all starts with a choice that we get to make.. Yes we can choose to make the best of what we got!! We can choose to not let others get to us. We can choose to let the little things go. We can choose to remain peaceful and hopeful when we are surrounded by choas. The choice is ours!!

The joy of the Lord is our strength. When I am faced with stressful and hurtful times I think about all that Jesus endured and yet He remain peaceful and hopeful. He chose to remain joyful because He trusted in God and He knew that better days were coming. He chose to look ahead instead of in the moment. He chose to think about the promises of God instead of the maybe’s or what if’s. He chose life and to enjoy every moment of it. And if He could do that then I can too.

We can choose to make the best of what we got. We can focus on the good things instead of the bad. We can rejoice for the things that we have instead of complaining about what we do not have. We can be thankful for the people in our lives instead of focusing on their downfalls. There is always something positive to focus on in a situation, even if it is to focus on the fact that it could be worse. God gave us the gift of free choice so let’s choose to remain positive and joyful. Let’s choose to make the best of it.

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