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There comes at least one time in everyone’s life that they realize that something, or many things, need to change. God is definitely faithful to let us know that we need to do something different than what we’ve been doing. Sometimes he may reveal many things all at once that we need change. I know for myself he tends to throw a pile of things at me all at once. Or that is the way that it seems in the moment. Sometimes it’s actually just one or two things that are causing all the other’s but I don’t realize that at the time. I will become overwhelmed by the false pressure that the enemy puts me under to make the changes because I do want to be obedient to God and have the life that Jesus died for me to have. For a long time I thought that if God told me to change something I was suppose to be able to make that change instantly and when I failed at it I was condemned. I put pressure on myself that God never intended, therefore I couldn’t be successful at making any kind of change. Thankfully God has been giving me a different perspective of making changes.

God tells us that we need to make a change because it is something that is either holding us back in some way, it is not serving us good anymore, it is not his will for us, or it is needed for the future, but it is always to bring about better for us. He knows what we need, and when we need it in order for us to have an abundant life. And He also knows how long it will take for us to make the change. He knows and understands us more than we do ourselves so it is ridiculous for us to think that we do or don’t do anything that is a suprise to him. He may reveal something that is going to need to be changed about you three yrs from now but because he knows how stubborn you are he is starting to work on and with you now so that the change will come at just the right time.

We are so blessed to have such a patient and merciful God. He is willing to work with us for however long it takes for us to come up higher and higher. He will never give up on us if we don’t give up on him. His word says that the righteous man falls seven times but gets back up! No matter how many failed attempts we’ve had we can always get back up and try again. No matter how disobedient we’ve been today, tomorrow is a new day with a fresh start. No matter how many times we have to go around the same mountain, God is there waiting for us because He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us. He wants what is best for us and to bring glory to his name so he will definitely do what needs to be done to make that happen. He never gives up on us so we cannot give up on ourselves.

The changes and the reason as to why it is such a struggle or why it may take us a long time to make a change differs from person to person. But a few things God has been working with me on are to have more patience and forgiveness towards myself and to not focus so much on myself. These three things have helped me a great deal. When I was able to accept the fact that I’m not perfect, and that it is okay that I’m not, a heavy load was lifted from me. When I was able to accept myself right where I was at and not beat myself up about it part of me was set free. And when I took the focus off of what I was doing wrong, how I felt, how I wanted things to be, and how it was affecting me, I was able to focus more on Jesus, his word, and doing what he suggest that I do.

He has taught me to take it one day at a time. And if I fail then I just try again the next day. Practice makes perfect right. We serve a mighty God that will stick by us until the very end. He is always working in and through us to bring us to the life that He has for us. If you are struggling with making a change that God has put on your heart don’t grow weary and give up. Be patient with yourself, set your focus away from yourself, and take it one day at a time. God is for you and he will keep working with you if you don’t give up.

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