PROVERBS 24:16 The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again..

When we give our lives to God we would like to think that everything, including ourselves, will be perfect from then on out. But that is not how it works. Then we have the enemy that likes to use these imperfections for an attack on our faith. I endured this battle for several years until God gave me revelation. It is a battle that i do not wish upon anyone because it can put you in a dark place of dispare and hopelessness. So I want to share the truths that God put on my heart to combat this battle with the enemy on our faith.

Just because we have Jesus within our spirit does not mean that we no longer have our natural sinful nature within us. It means that we now have a power, the birth to our spirit, to have new desires to do things differently and to fight against our sinful nature. Jesus lives in the core of our being, the Spirit, which is the deepest part of our heart. He knows our heart. He knows our true desires despite what our actions may show. He also knows and understands our sinful nature and temptations because he lived and walked this earth just as we humans do. It was only because He was part God that he was able to resist the temptations. He knows and understands human nature. And since he knows these things he does not expect us to be perfect, flawless, or without sin and failure.

Since we have the Holy Spirit within us we can get back up and try again whenever we may fall. We get to start each day fresh and new with the failures of yesterday gone. We get to continue to make changes until they are complete. We get to hope when we have been at our worst.

We didn’t form bad habits in one day so we cannot expect to form good habits in one day either. We are a work in progress at all times and God doesn’t want us to give up.He is patient with us and we have to be patient with ourselves. He is not expecting perfection from us so neither should we. What matters most to God is that we never give up and we keep putting one foot forward so that is what we should focus on. Our imperfections remind us of our need for Jesus so imbrace them with a new outlook today and when you fall get back up.

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