Tell the devil “No not today”

   We do have an enemy that’s whole mission is to bring destruction and misery to our lives. He is the king of lies and does not have the truth in him. He starts his attacks early in the morning because if he can get us in the morning then he will have our whole day messed up.

    He likes to start the day with putting negative thoughts in our mind. You may wake up and your first thought be, “ah man I dread this day.” Or you may have the thought about something that upset you the day before. Those thoughts are coming from the enemy and we have to take a stand against him. Soon as the negative thought starts we have to stop it and say, “oh no devil, not today. I take authority in the name of Jesus Christ.” And then choose to think about something positive and uplifting.

He may try to use the choas of the kids getting ready for school or a friend calling to vent to you first thing in the morning to get you upset and off balance. He may try to use traffic on the way to work or a number of other things but again say, “oh no devil not today, I take authority in the name of Jesus Christ and will have a great day.”

Yes the devil does have power, BUT we have power AND authority over him. We are stronger than any tactic that he may try to use against us but if we do not recognize and come against his attacks then he will defeat us everytime. We have to acknowledge the fact that we are in a war for the life that Jesus has for us. We have to fight for the peace, joy, and love that is ours through Jesus. If we stand up against the enemy he can not win. So when you recognize him coming against you take a stand and tell him, “NO devil, not today.”

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