Don’t give up

Struggling with choices,

The story of the Isrealites speaks of many things. It can be looked at as great encouragement and hope. It speaks of many lessons that we can take from it and apply to our own lives and situations. But so often are we doubtful just as they were. Eventhough God was faithful to them they still made the choices that they made causing them to miss out on the promises of God. How many times do we do the same thing?

We face some kind of opposition or rejection and we abandon what God is calling us to do. Because we do not see how something could or would work we choose to not do it eventhough we thought that God told us to. We know that God has told us that if we do or do not do something we are going to suffer a negative consequence but we don’t listen. We have everything that we need, but because we do not yet have what we want, we are not satisfied. Sounds like the Isrealites in the wilderness doesn’t it.

Eventhough they chose to wonder around the wilderness for forty years instead of doing as God directed them He was still right there with them sheilding them by a cloud during the day and guiding them by fire at night. Although they were stubborn God never abandoned them. And He has not, nor will He ever abandon us. No matter how many times we have gone around the same mountain because we have chose our own way instead of His way He is still right here waiting for us to get on board.

God wants us to experience the promises that He has given. He wants to lead us to a happy and fulfilling life. He wants to do great things through us. But He will not make us choose His way. He has given us free choice and it is up to us to make the right ones. The Isrealites went threw many things that could have been avoided and they caused their own suffering by the choices they made. They chose to complain even when food fell from the sky for them. But God never gave up on them and he will never give up on us.

There are many different things that we can learn from the Isrealites and I encourage you to read the account of their journey for yourself. The one thing that encourages me the most is that God never gave up on them eventhough they made the choices that they did. Eventhough they chose to try their own way, complained about what God was doing, and even go against what God said, He never gave up on or left them. I hope that can bring some peace, joy, hope, and gratitude to each of you today. Let it encourage you to step out in faith and chose to follow His guidance even when you are unsure of the path.

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