For many of us the question of , “am I enough” starts at a very early age. We compare ourselves to other kids. We strive to make our parents proud. We seek approval from classmates. The world that we live in is teaching us that if you are not like everyone else then there is something wrong with us. If you do not have the name brand clothes then you are not good enough. If you don’t have alot of followers on social media then your a nobody. The lies go on and on and we begin to believe them. We end up spending our lives trying to fit in, trying to be accepted, and trying to be approved of.

We all want to be accepted and loved and if we don’t get it from being who we are then we will change ourselves into what we think others want us to be. We change into what we think this person wants and then change into what the we think the next person wants, causing us to lose sight of who we really are. We become like a camellia dragon, changing into our surroundings and rarely showing our true form. I think that we do this for the same reasons that a camellia does which is for protection. We want to protect our heart from rejection and hurt. But we can not show off our true beauty if we are always camouflaging who we really are.

Each one of us have been uniquely crafted by God. He has made each one of us differently. He has given each of us different interest, passions, gifts, talents, and abilities. He did this because we were made to need each other and to work with each other. If we were all the same then we wouldn’t need relationships with others. We wouldn’t have anything to offer anyone. And there would be nothing special about any of us. But because He did create us this way we all have something special and unique to offer the next person. We can help others with an ability that we have and they do not. We were all made good enough in God’s eyes and that is what matters.

So what if someone doesn’t approve of how you dress or how you look. So what if someone thinks they are better than you (because they are not). And so what if no one else understands you, because God does.

He is the one telling you, “I love you, I approve of you, I made you this way and it is good.” He has never made a mistake before and he didn’t make one when He made you. As long as we look to the world for constant love, acceptance, and approval we will never find it. We have to look to the our creator, the only one who’s option really matters. I am good enough, you are good enough, we are all good enough.

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