Resurrected to new life

Easter Jesus resurrection to pay for sin and give peace joy love and contentment of life. Grace and purpose.

On this glorious day of celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ we should also celebrate that we have been resurrected too. As believers we have been raised from death to life. We have been wiped clean from all the dirt and debris that we were covered with from this dark world that we live in. The stench of our sin has been covered with the precious scent of the anointed oil of righteousness. Because of what Jesus did on the cross over 2000yrs ago today we have been raised to a new life that we would never be able to have otherwise.

When I think of the suffering, humiliation, torture, and pain that Jesus willingly endured for our sake I am filled with overwhelming gratitude and awe. I find it hard at times to be able to wrap my head around that kind of love. The kind of love that a person would willingly lay down their own life so that I could have the opportunity to live a better life and be cleansed from all my faults and wrongs. The kind of love that willingly took my punishment. The kind of love that asked God to forgive those who tortured and murdered him. That is a kind of love that we do not see in this world and may even find uncomprehendable. But Jesus has that kind of love, and he has it for you, and me. He doesn’t want us to do anything but receive it and step into the life that his death has provided for us.

We have been redeemed, made brand new, and given a reason for hope of a great future. We have a partner to help us live up to our true potential, being all that we were created to be. We have a counselor and advocate always on stand by, waiting to intervene and stand up for us. We have a new power and ability that is far beyond our own to handle the toughest of situations. We have someone that will never leave us nor foresake us. We have a true best friend. And we have all of this because of and through Jesus.

So today when you have your Easter dinner remember to break bread in remembrance of His body that He sacrificed for you and drink your drink in remembrance of His blood that He willingly shed for you. Give thanks for the love that He has for you, for restoring your heart, for cleansing you of all wrongdoing, and for giving you the opportunity to live your best life through Him. He has risen. And because of this we have also risen to a new life that surpasses anything that we could have imagined before we invited Jesus into our heart.

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