Your not who you use to be

Rest in New life with Jesus

If you are born again you are not who you once were. You have been remade on the inside, at the deepest part of your core (heart). God has taken out your old, stoney heart, and gave you a new one. He has taken away your old “want to’s” and gave you new “want to’s.” He has clothed you with a robe of His righteousness that covers everything that you have ever done. Jesus justifies us, meaning that he makes us just as if we have never sinned!

The old covenant was about controlling behaviors by following written laws, rules, and regulations. But with the new covenant God changed the nature of man, which no longer needs the written laws because man has a new heart that wants to do right. The laws are in our heart as a compass to better living and glorifying God. And we spend the rest of our lives changing into one person after another. Our new heart guides us to get rid of the things that are hindering us and to gain the things that bring about the life that God intended for us to have.

He never said that it will be easy or that there will be no amount of discomfort or suffering. Matter of fact we only grow when things aren’t easy. If things were easy then we would never learn the lesson from them.. But as we feed ourselves the word of God we make our inner man(our new man) stronger. Each time that we do not give into what our old nature wants we are making our new nature stronger. Our flesh dies a little bit, it gets weaker,, each time that we do not feed it by giving into temptation and old or wrong desires. Sure it feels uncomfortable in the moment but the feeling will pass and we will be much better a little later on.

We are not who we use to be once Jesus comes to live in our heart. We are made brand new and we just have to learn to live our new life. We have to retrain our mind and body to do things differently. We have to learn to let our heart lead us. We have to fight the battle of sin and the enemy but we will have victory if we never give up. Our heart is pure and good and we have to get the rest of our being to get in alignment with it. It is a process that we go through up to the day that we die. Whatever has not been perfected in us becomes perfected through Jesus and we stand before God blameless when we enter heavens gate.

Because we have been made new we must believe that we are brand new. If we don’t believe that we are brand new then we will never be able to have the new life that Jesus provides for us. Any and everything that we did in our past is wiped away. And we are covered by Jesus’ righteousness in the present and future. God knows our heart since He is the one that placed it in us. He sees us for who we are and not for what we do. So we can rest in the fact that we are alright with God and the old has passed away and the new has begun.

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