How to declutter

What does your surroundings look like? Do you have piles of stuff laying around that you need to sort through? Do you have piles of clothes that haven’t found their way into the dresser drawers? Do you have a sink full of dishes from yesterday? Are your closets busting at the seams? If you take a look at your surroundings and then check with your inner being you will probably notice that they are very similar. Our surrounding clutter usually reflects a clutter that we have inside of us.

When we have so much going on in us it shows in the external chaos and clutter. We are using so much of our energy trying to deal with what is going on in us that we lack the energy to take care of external things. If we are not feeling the best inside and our surroundings are messy, cluttered, or chaotic then more than likely we have something within us that we are deeply bothered by. Many times we think that we have become lazy or may wonder what has gotten into us that we allow our home to become so messy or chaotic. And although it may seem like it is pure laziness, a lot of the time it stems from a deeper issue. So before you go beating yourself up and call yourself lazy take a deep look at what you got goin on inside of yourself.

Bottling things up and unspoken needs affect us in many ways. Then when we have clutter and choas around us to add to it we feel even more chaotic inside. I have found that when I declutter my surroundings it will help me to be ablle to deal with what is cluttering my heart. And when I speak the things that are bottled up inside it helps me to rid the things that have piled up around me.

There is no type of clutter that is healthy. When we have clutter and choas around us it is more than likely a reflection of what we have going on in the inside. Keeping our hearts clear of unspoken needs, unmet expectations, problems, concerns and worries, and any other negative issues is the only way to not have choas in the inner man and the mental and physical energy to keep up with our surroundings. They go hand and hand. If the inside is messy, the outside is messy. And if the outside is messy then the inside will be messy too. So what is your surroundings saying about your inner man and vice versa?

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