We may keep our mouths shut and not speak the things that are on our heart due to the fear of the reaction that we may get. We keep concerns, wrongs, desires, expectations, needs,, and other things in our hearts and they become overwhelming because we choose not to voice them. Sometimes speaking the truth, our needs, expectations, or our desires may be very scary. But it is only the truth that can set us free. We become free of the negative emotions that have stored up within us by speaking our truth.

Often times if we get a defensive or negative reaction from the other person it is because sometimes the truth hurts. If we are calling somebody out on something that they have done or not done and they know that they are wrong but do not want to face it they will get defensive or try to justify their actions. We have to voice it though, because not only do we need to speak truth, the other person needs to hear the truth as well.

Speaking truth in a loving and respectful way is what we are suppose to do. It may be uncomfortable but it brings about freedom in many different ways. Jesus wants us to be free and clearly says in the Bible that truth sets you free. The next person may not want to hear it, much less face their truth, but it is an act of love. And most of the time after the person has had time to process what you have said it does bring some light to them. You may speak the thing to them that they had needed to hear that will bring freedom to them. Matter of fact, Jesus may be trying to use you to bring about freedom to someone else so we need to speak what’s on our heart.

The fear of rejection or disapproval is what keeps us from speaking up much of the time. But the thing is, no matter what, not everyone is going to accept or approve of everything that we say or do. So if that is the case then why should we cause ourselves more emotional baggage by keeping things in. It is unhealthy for us and for our relationship with others to keep everything bottled up inside. Communication is key. And the truth spoken in a loving way is the door to open up to better relationships.

What do you have on your heart and mind that you need to talk to someone about? What is the truth that is in you that needs to come out so that you can be free? Speak it in love and feel the weight come off your chest. The best way to stay free from resentment and bitterness towards those we are in relationships with is to talk about what is on our heart and mind. It keeps us free of the built up emotions that end up having a negative effect on us. Speak your truth today so that you are free and able to live your best life with healthy relationships.

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