Never lose hope

Life happens. There is nothing that we can do to change that. We can not stop the wheels from turning. We can not know what the future holds. We can not control the unknown. But what we can do is hope for a better tomorrow. We can hope for the best outcome. We can do what we know to do and trust God to do what we can not do.

When we are hit with trouble after trouble or hardship after hardship it is hard to stay encouraged. It is hard to keep our focus on the light when we are surrounded by darkness. We can find ourselves wondering if it will ever get any better. And after enduring difficulties for so long it is hard to not want to just give up. Instead of fighting the fight of faith we may find ourselves surrendering and taking a defeat. That is exactly what our enemy wants us to do. He wants to defeat us in any way that he can so that we won’t fulfill our life’s destiny and enjoy our journey to it.

No matter what we are facing or how long we have been enduring it we can still have peace and joy in the midst of it. We can keep going with a smile on our face. We can continue to be filled with hope each and every day. Because we serve such a mighty and amazingly awesome God we can rest while everything around us is chaotic.

The Bible states many truths that give us reason for hope. God tells us that what is impossible with man is possible with God. He says that he will never give us more than we can handle. He says that he will never leave us nor foresake us. He says that Jesus gave his life so that we could have life in abundance. He has freed us from death, sin, guilt, and any stronghold that the enemy may have had. He gave us all that he is when his spirit joined with our spirit. And he gave us hope for a better future. There are tons of other truths that give us hope if we believe them. We can truly do anything that we need to do through Christ who gives us strength.

No matter what you may be facing today never lose hope for a better tomorrow. Wake up each day with an expectation that this is the day that change will come. Pray each morning that God help you to keep your focus on trusting in him to work things out for the better of yourself. And refuse to give up in the good fight of faith that brings you out on the other side victorious.

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