Lose the weight

Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. From the age of 4yrs old I started to weigh above the normal weight range. By the time I was in 6th grade I weighed 150pds and 9th grade I topped off at 240pds. I went on so many diets to try to lose weight but it never stayed off. I knew that I didn’t eat healthy all of the time but I didn’t eat a ton of junk food either. There was even a time that I wouldn’t eat anything for a day or two but I was still fat. It wasn’t until I learned the importance of what’s in our mind and our heart that I found a diet that really works.

We can never lose any physical weight, and keep it off, until we loose mental, emotional, and spiritual weight. Actually, it is the mental, emotional, and spiritual weight that is causing much of the physical weight. When we are weighed down by negative thoughts and emotions we want something that will make us feel better and comfort us. Food is the perfect thing to do such a thing. It doesn’t talk back, it feels good to eat it, it taste good, and it satisfies us for a little while. Even as a child we can emotional eat. We can use candy and snacks to make our heart feel warm and fuzzy and before you know it the pounds start to pile on.

In my experience most of the people I know that are over weight have gone threw some type of trauma or heart break in their life and have never healed from it. That was the case with myself, even at the young age of four. My parents fought all of the time and were separated off and on from the age of four until they divorced when I was nine. I used food as a comfort for my heart break of my dad moving away. It quickly became my go to every time that I got sad. Every time that something hurtful happened in my life I turned to food. I would lose some weight and then something would happen and I would gain it all back plus some. It was a rollacoaster that I rode for over twenty years. Then I was finally given insight into the real problem of being able to lose and keep the weight off.

When we have the weight of negativity, pain, sorrow, guilt, or shame it shows in our physical condition as well. It may not be weight gain but there will be some kind of negative impact on us. For some it may be weight loss. It may be dark circles under your eyes or a slump in your stance. It may be a bad habit or an addiction of some sort. There are different symptoms but one problem. And that problem is a wounded heart. It seems so much easier to mask the problem and just not deal with it but that is the worst thing we can do..

What kind of weight are you carrying today? Are you tired of it? Well there is hope my friend. You can be free from what is weighing you down. You can be free to love yourself and your life. You were created for more. You deserve to be happy and free. And you can drop the weight by letting go of the negative things in your heart. Seek the help that you need to do the work and pray that God help you to release it all to him so that you can be free from what is weighing you down.

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