Are you still a baby or growing up?

I was watching Joyce Meyer today and she made a comment that really struck my spirit. It was one of those “ah ha” moments. She said,”it’s time that we stop being baby brat Christians and step into the life that Jesus died for us to have.” We are powerful beings in Christ. We are not living with just our strength and wisdom, but with the power and wisdom of God as well. We can live the high life filled with peace and joy and prosperity or the low life of struggle, gloom, and dissatisfaction. Because of Jesus we have a choice that we can make to be able to live a joyous and victorious life. We can choose to follow the Holy Spirit or we can follow our flesh. Either way we will still go to heaven but what kind of life we have here on earth depends on the choices we make. When Joyce made that comment my spirit spoke these things to me. We have a choice to stay a “baby brat” Christian and follow our fleshes desires, doing our own thing, or we can grow up and start growing into the new creation that we are, doing what the Holy Spirit says. God knows what is best for us and as long as we are not following His guidance we are not living our best life.

When we are not following God we are following desires that often have negative consequences. We do things that we know is not going to turn out good but we keep hoping for a different result. Every choice has a consequence to it, good choice equals good consequence and bad choice equals bad consequence and the choice is ours. It’s not always easy to follow God but it is definitely worth it. It may feel like hardest fight that you have ever faught in the moment when you are denying your flesh but you will be so thankful that you did later on when you are reaping a good consequence.

As a Christian we have a power and ability to do hard things that we would not have otherwise. We have a supernatural power that comes from above and the ability to stand against the things that are not good for us. We have a choice to grow up into a strong Christian or to stay a baby Christian and God will not make us be either. It is totally up to us. Let’s make the decision to have the life that is available to us and not be a baby brat Christian, missing out on the very best that we can have. We will go to heaven no matter what we choose but the kind of life that we have here on earth depends on us.

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