Your Personal Trainer

Did you know that even though you fail everyday and make a ton of mistakes God thinks you are great? Did you know that even though you may be stubborn and choose to do things your way instead of God’s way He does not condemn you. God does not judge you for the weaknesses of your flesh (John 12:47). He knows how the human part of us works. He knows that we are in a constant fight with our flesh and that we sometimes lose that fight. But the good news is that we have some help that is available to us so that we can win our battles. We have the Holy Spirit, that God sent, so that we could live the lives that He has destined for us. He sent His Holy Spirit to reside in us along with our Spirit so that we would have all that we need to be able to become who He created us to be, truly lacking in nothing.

It is a life long process but thank God that He sees us as already perfect, even while we are not. He knows the beginning from the end, therefore He already knows how we will end up, as well as everything that we will do along the way. When you do something and say to yourself, “I can’t believe that I just did that,” God says, “I knew that you were going to do that.” He doesn’t want us to waste our time and energy on beating ourselves up for our actions or lack of. He wants us to own up to our mistake, repent, and move on from it. Sometimes it takes us making mistakes or doing something wrong in order for us to learn how to do it right. Sometimes we have to suffer a consequence (and sometimes suffer the same one many times) before we make the choice to not do it again. Our flesh can be pretty dang on stubborn at times. But the good news about that is that the Holy Spirit is here to help! He is here to be your personal Spiritual trainer. We just have to be willing to submit and follow.

Just like when a athlete has to train their body for their sport so that they become better at it, we have to train our spirit. We have to excerise it so that it gains strength and endurance. We have to train our body to move in the direction of the spirit. And just as physical training can be uncomfortable and not very pleasant while you are working out but you enjoy the end results, the same is with spiritual training. It may suck having to go against the flesh and not give in to your own desires but the more you do it the stronger your spirit becomes and the easier it gets to resist them.

Just as a personal trainer knows what excercises will bring the best results for your body type and area of muscles that you want the strengthen, the Holy Spirit knows what is best for us. He knows what we need to be able to be all that we were created to be and do. He knows what will bring us lasting joy, peace, and satisfaction unlike our flesh, which wants instant results, and they never last very long. He knows our weaknesses and the areas that we need to strengthen. For example, if we need to increase our patience we will be put in situations that we will need to have patience in and the Holy Spirit will guide us through it until our patience has been strengthened. It requires dedication and endurance but our Spirit can be strengthened just like our bodies can be.

We are all a work in progress and will be until the day we are called home. Thankfully God sent the Holy Spirit to train us into who He created us to be so that we can enjoy our lives here on earth. He already knows all about the downfalls that we will have along the way so we do not have to shy back from him when we do mess up. He just wants you to keep pressing on until you are as strong as you can be and enjoy the process. We have the best personal trainer that we could ask for and if we follow His instructions we will become strong in all areas of life.

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