Stuck between two worlds

Making better choices to be happy and free in life

if I am honest it is hard at times to follow the new life that we have as a Christian. Living in the world but not acting as the world acts can be challenging. Choosing to do the “right” thing when it doesn’t feel good is a battle all in itself. But we have what it takes to do what we need to do because Christ is our strength. We have a power that the world doesn’t have. But nobody can make us use that power and refuse to never give up.

When you have lived by the world’s standard for a long time it is going to take some “on purpose” living to learn this new lifestyle that you have available to you. It’s going to take you doing things that feel unnatural in the moment because it is a different kind of living than what you are use to. It is going to take you doing a lot of self talk, reminding yourself that you are a new creator, learning to do things a new and better way. It is going to take you retraining your mind and your body. And I can assure you that you will always have a battle that you are fighting against the enemy for freedom in some area of your life. But you will have victory in all things if you refuse to give up.

We will face resistance from our flesh. We will have resistance from our feelings. We will even have resistance from our mind but we do not have to give into them. Every choice and decision we face is a choice between acting as the world acts and acting as the new creation that we are. And we will fail at making the right choice from time to time but the important thing is to never give up on making a better choice the next time. The enemy wants us to stay stuck in his ways (worldly ways) so he will fight us tooth and nail to make wrong choices. He knows that once we realize the power that we have he will no longer be able to influence our decisions so he will try his hardest to keep us stuck in worldly living.

We are new creatures. The old has past away and the new is alive. We are called to higher living, to better living. We now have a power within us that give us strength to overcome the world’s way of living. We now have what we need to produce peace, joy, love, contentment, and all kinds of goodness in our lives and in the lives of others. But no where in the bible does it say that it will be easy. It does however say to never give up. It says that we have come out of the world to live Godly lives. And it says that you will not fail if you never give up. We can do whatever we need to do because Christ is our strength.

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