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No man on earth will ever be able to free himself from the penalty of sin, from the death, the hell, or the destruction that sin causes. Nothing that we ever do will be able to break us from the bondages of sin. No amount of good works or right living will cover up our sinful ways. The only way to be set free from the penalties of sin is Jesus. There is only one way to be set free and that is through faith in Jesus Christ. You are not saved by your own good works or dealings and goodness so your lack of goodness can not cause you to be unsaved. And since we are saved by faith, we can not be unsaved by sin. All that God requires of us in order to be saved from sin is to believe, to have faith, in Jesus Christ. The moment that we believe in Jesus we are forgiven and forever saved from the penalty of sin.

If you have faith, if you believe in Jesus, then you are born again. Your spirit, your spirit man is sanctified and perfected FOREVER!! Being born again relies (happens) by your faith (belief) in Jesus alone. It has nothing to do with anything else, ONLY faith in Jesus. Our make up as a whole person is that we are a spirit, we posses a soul, and we live in a body. People have mistakenly combined or intertwined the spirit and the soul as they are one or the same but they are not. We are a spirit and we posses a soul (it is a part of us). Our soul is our mind, our will, and our emotions. When we are born again 1/3 of us becomes perfect, 1/3 of you becomes just like God. The perfect part of you is your spirit man. Your soul does not change instantly like the spirit does, it has to constantly be renewed, forever changing. Your body just goes along for the ride with the soul. It does whatever it is told to do for the most part. Our spirit is the part of us that God sees when He looks at us. It is the part of us that He resides at and has made to look just like Himself. Our soul is the parts of us that is constantly growing and changing. It is also the part of us that we have the most trouble within ourselves with because it is where our sinful nature resides at. But thank God that He does not see us as our soul.

Since faith is how we are made right with God and are born again into our spirit being then it is by our continued faith that we continue to be right with God. Our relationship with God can not be interrupted or taken away by anything except unbelief. Nothing can separate us from God or make Him love or accept us less but unbelief. No sin or amount of sin will make Him turn away from us. Look at Adam and Eve, they started the whole sin thing and God still went to the garden looking for them after they had done so. They tried to hide from God because they were filled with shame and guilt for what they had done, but God did not turn away from them.

If you have been born again you have no need to worry about your downfalls, your lacks, your weaknesses, your sins, and them making God see you any different than He did the moment that you first believed in Him. No matter how big or small your sin is God sees all sin the same way. He sees bad thoughts just as He sees murder. It is all sin to Him and our faith in Jesus pays for the penalty of those sins. His blood washes away the stains of sin within us. All that God requires of us is to believe that Jesus was enough and that His death brought an end to sins control over our spirit. We will work on correcting our soul for the rest of our lives but our spirit was and is made perfect the moment that we invited Jesus to come live within it. Our faith that Jesus made our spirit perfect forever is what keeps us perfect. And nothing can come between us and God as long as we keep that same faith.

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