How are you?

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How are you doing? I mean, how are you really doing? How is your heart? Is your heart full of joy, peace, love, contentment, satisfaction, and wholeness? Did you know that the condition of our heart determines the condition of our lives? The condition of our heart reflects in every area of our lives. If our heart is not well our lives are in disarray too.

We go through out life not paying attention to how every situation that we experience has an effect on us. Every pain that we experience leaves a tiny hole in our heart. Every disappointment tears that hole alittle bigger. We try to put our big boy/girl panties on and continue with life but not realizing the brokenness of our hearts. Then we notice the lack of joy, the quick tempers, the unsettling feeling in the pit of our stomach but still don’t know why we feel that way.

We start to search for that happiness that we once felt. We start to try to find something to numb the pain. We pray to feel whole again. We want to be at peace. We don’t want to be so angry all the time. We want the silent tears to stop flowing. We want that feeling of a void in us to go away but we do not know what is causing it. We buy things, we eat food, we create relationships, we take a pill, we have a drink. or we smoke a cigarette to try to have that fulfilled feeling again, but it never last long.

It is important that we check the condition of our heart and see what is going on in there. The condition of the heart dictates the condition of our life. If we have pain, anger, disappointment, regret, guilt, shame, resentment, grief, or unforgiveness held in our heart it keeps us weighed down. Most often it shows in our relationships with others. We build up walls, keep distances, and often keep an underlying expectation that we will eventually be treated wrong so we stay in defense mode.

IF you have junk in your heart that is holding you down from the life that you desire and deserve decide today that you are going to mend those holes in your heart and become whole and free again. You hold the key to your freedom and joy. It is all in the condition of the heart. We don’t have control over the past but we do have control over the way that we step into our future. We can make the decision that we are not going to let what has been done keep us from doing great things. We can overcome anything if we work with the Holy Spirit. And we can be free and happy again.

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