faith in Jesus Christ
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ROMANS 4:16 So the promise is received by faith. It is given as a free gift. And we are all certain to receive it, whether or not we live according to the law of Moses, if we have faith like Abraham’s. (NLT)

I have had many conversations and debates about the law of Moses and the freedom of Christ. I have heard many views and opinions on the matter, where some believe it is one way and others believe it is another way. As I was reading my bible this morning the Holy Spirit brought those conversations back to my remembrance. As I read in the book of Romans I had a few things that came to mind that gave me a better understanding about the law and Jesus. And this is what was put on my heart about it.

God made the law so that people could see just how bad/sinful they were, and how gracious and merciful God is. He wanted everyone to realize that their actions were not good, holy, or righteous actions. He wanted everyone to know what was not acceptable to Him. He wanted everyone to realize that no one could be without any fault at all. He wanted all of us to realize that we are all sinners. And He wanted everyone to remember and understand how it was that Abraham was counted as righteous in His sight, by faith alone.

Abraham was found righteous because He believed in God. He believed that what God promised him would happen. He was not found righteous because of any action that he did or didn’t do. It was solely because of his faith in God (ROMANS 3:22). And that is how God wants it to be with all of us (ROMANS 3:28&30). He wants us to believe in Him and that He is faithful to do as He says. But some people started claiming that you had to do this or that to be right with God. Some would say that you had to celebrate certain days while others said that you must not eat certain foods. People were acting like animals while blaming others for their actions. Some would say that certain actions were evil while others did not think so. So God sent Moses to deliver the law. He wanted to show everyone that they were all guilty of something. He had to show everyone that no one person was any better than the next.

God used Abraham as the example of how He counted us righteous. It is by faith that God counted him as righteous (ROMANS 4:16&17). Even when God sent the law of Moses His objective was still to have people made right with Himself by faith alone. That is why He sent Jesus to accomplish His objective. The law had to be fulfilled so that it could be resigned and the way of faith could be put back into place. And that is exactly what Jesus did. He fulfilled the law of Moses so that the way of faith was available to us again. If we believe that Jesus accomplished the law, died on the cross, and rose again then we are right with God. We are not under the law of Moses. Jesus accomplished the law for us. He did it all for us. He did what we would never be able to do. And He did it so that we could have a personal relationship with God by believing in what He did.

God has always loved us. He has always wanted to be in a close relationship with us. He never wanted anything to come between Him and us. But sin and the people went wild and He had to find a way to fix it. That is exactly what Jesus was sent to do and He accomplished it. Because of Jesus and our belief in Him we can come boldly to God Himself without any guilt or condemnation. If we have faith we have a right relationship with God. If we believe, we are saved. If Christ is your Lord and savior then you are in perfect relationship with God. Because of Jesus our sins are washed away and we are seen perfectly in Christ.

We live under the law faith because of Jesus. We do not have a book of rules and regulations that we have to follow. We are only asked to have faith like a little child. And if we do have that faith in Jesus then we are naturally going to want to be on our best behavior at all times. We are going to want to honor Him by the way that we live. But when we do mess up we can simply ask for forgiveness, receive it, and move forward. God sees our heart. He knows our motives. And He knows that we can never be perfect nor does He expect us to be. All He ask is that we believe in the one that He has sent.

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