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My heart is so heavy right now as I think about the things that I have seen and heard the past six days. I live in Elizabeth City North Carolina and if you have watched the news then I am sure that you have heard about what is going on in my small town. If you haven’t I will give a small recap. A black man was shot and killed by Sherriff deputies last week. He was unarmed and fleeing away from them. It is a situation that is happening all over the country right now but never did I think that it would happen in my town.

Since it has happened my community has seen just how many people in the community really feel about colored people. My town is a bible belt and it is called the “Harbor of hospitality” but I tell you that is not what I have seen from many of them. Because people (many of color) are protesting they are being called speed bumps, bowling pins, monkeys, mobs, and etc. But all of the protestors have remained peaceful while they stand up for equal rights, unity, transparency, and justice. Sure you may not be able to travel down a street for awhile while they are marching but what harm is that bringing? It is not killing someone. It is a small inconvenience that a person should be glad to adjust to in order to stand up for a unjust act. But many, many, many people have really hateful things to say about it.

Being a bible belt community I would hope that most people at least know the scripture that says, “love your neighbor as you love yourself.” They really need to demonstrate that at this time. Loving your neighbor as yourself means that if your neighbor mourns then you mourn with them. If they laugh you laugh with them. If they fight for their rights then you fight with them. The family of Andrew Brown is experiencing tragedy, loss, injustice, and sadly much racism. We as a community should stand with them. We as a church should stand with them and not judge them because of color or lifestyle. We need to demonstrate loving one another as ourselves. But I am not seeing as much of that as I should be seeing. As long as a protest is peaceful and for a just cause then it should not be mocked upon.

Jesus was not judgemental. He was not for one person, but not another. He died so there would be no more division and that we would be one new people. And I do not understand why so many in my community that claim the name of Jesus are acting otherwise. It saddens me that disgrace is being brought to Jesus by these people. My heart hurts for every person that is being judged by the color of their skin, the lifestyle that they live, or the truth that they are standing for. We are suppose to be one. We are suppose to be equal. We are suppose to have unity. But I am not seeing it from the many of the citizens of Elizabeth City NC.

Please lift up your hands and hearts in prayer for this matter with me. Pray that Jesus touch the hearts of all those that are mocking the protestors and are not seeing the bigger picture of the matter. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. If you are on social media I ask that you share this and stand with us with #ecpeaceandrewbrown. He is the lamb that God has sacrificed to shine light on the division and injustice that is still doing on. Blessing to all of you and thank you for reading.

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