All things are possible

When we are growing up we dream of how our lives are going to turn out. We dream of our perfect career, our perfect family, our dream car and house. Everything is just perfect and exactly how we want it to be. And then we grow up. Suddenly we realize how far away those dreams seem and maybe even impossible to come true. What was once a happy dream is now a fearful hope, if there is such a thing. We want to hang onto the hope of the dream to come true but the reality of the possibility that it won’t has brought fear that it may never happen. But the only way that something is for sure to not happen is if we give up and stop trying.

God has not given us a spirit of fear and with him all things are possible. If we believe in what the bible says then should never give up on our dreams nor should we fear that we can not accomplish them. Anything worth having is never easy to get. The hard work that goes into accomplishing a dream is what makes it cherishable. And if it takes 20 years to accomplish it then you will be even more grateful and take much more pride in it.

Some things will just not turn out like we had hoped for when we were kids and that is just a fact of the matter. God may have different plans than ours and if that is the case then you best believe that his plan will ultimately make us much more happy than our plan would have. We may not notice it while we are in the middle of the making of it but in the end he will prove that it is better than our plan was. For example, I tried to have another child for 8yrs. but was unsuccessful. I was upset that God wouldn’t make it happen no matter how much I prayed, how many hormone treatments I took, i could not get pregnant. Well now I know that it was because God knew that I was going to get into the car wreck that permanently disabled me, my husband was going to leave me, and I would not be able to care for small child on my own. It was not in the best interest of me (or a child) for me to have another child. What i felt like was torture while i was going through it has turned out to be a blessing. We may feel like God is being unfair or cruel when our dreams don’t manifest but i promise you that it is the best interest of your future best when it doesn’t.

I didn’t give up on the dream of having another child until I had my accident and neither should you give up on your dream until you either accomplish it or get confirmation that it isn’t in your best interest. It may take years of hard work, schooling, saving, or waiting, but never give up or let fear make you settle for less. Always remember that God has not given you a spirit of fear and that with him ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!

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