We wonder why we are going threw such hard times or why this happened to us. We get discouraged from our trials and tribulations. We get tired and want to give up. But it is threw experience that we learn and grow. It is threw experience that we are able to do things differently the next time. It is threw experience that we learn right, wrong, and a better way.

Jesus had to learn and grow the same exact way. He had to be tested by the devil and had to go threw many trials and tribulations with the people. But he stood firm and did not give up. He did not let his experience defeat him. He grew from his pains. He did not let the devil defeat him. He stood strong and look at the result of it. He fulfilled his destiny.

We too can fill our destiny if we hold on threw all that life throws at us. Everything that we go threw and endure in life has the opportunity to teach us a great lesson. Our trials prepare us for future events. Our pains help us to have compassion for others. Our hard times equip us with patience and endurance for even harder things. Our wrong words and actions teach us the right words and actions to use the next time. Our battles give us greater strength and ability for the next battle. It is not easy to stand firm in the face of hard things but it is definitely worth it and for the better of us. Don’t let the devil or the people of this world keep you from your destiny, by crumbling in the attack, against you. Stand firm and win the battle knowing that it is equipping you and strengthening you for better things.

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