Doing what you know to do

Is there anything that you are doing or not doing that you know God is directing you to do or not do? Do you notice a lack of peace or happiness in your life? Do you feel like you are carrying extra weight on your shoulders of some sort? When we are deliberately going against what God is directing us to do we cause ourselves to have a lack of peace and happiness. We cause ourselves to have lack of sleep and increased stress. We add the weight to our own shoulders. If God is directing us to do something it is in our best interest to do it. He knows what steals our peace and joy. He knows what our hearts and minds can handle. He knows what our body needs. He is in the business of personal care. He is the doctor of all doctors. The counselor of all counselors. The very best friend that you could have. The perfect father that you lacked growing up. If he suggest that we do something then we should do it.

There has been numerous times that I have not been obedient to God and had to suffer the consequences. I have prayed for God’s help with things and he would put on my heart what I needed to do but I chose not to do it and nothing changed. I have ranted and raved over something that was going on that upset me all while knowing something that I could do to change the situation. I have had pity parties for myself over something that was hurting me all while I knew what I could do to stop the pain. And I have questioned God about not answering prayers or protecting me in some situations all while knowing that I could have done something about it.

God is in the miracle business but more often he is in the advisory council business. He will do what we can not do, but, we do also have a part to do. And when we do not do our part it is our own fault the outcome that we have. We can have the life that we want to have if we do what God tells us to do. But if we decide to do our own thing then we can not get mad at God when things don’t turn out good for us. Even if it is something that we are really scared to do, if God said to do it then he has given the grace to do it and he will be right there beside us the whole way. God will be faithful on his part and if you are faithful to do your part then all things will work out for your best in the end!!!

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