Never alone

I will never leave you nor forsake you. Those are words that we should find comfort in. But when we are alone we can find it hard to purposely embrace God’s promise that he is always with us. We want something tangible, someone to see, to feel, to hear. We don’t want to sit in the silence around us. But it is in that silence that we may be able to connect with god the most.

When we are surrounded by silence we can focus on God more. We can dive into his word without distraction. We can listen to what our heart is telling us, which is God speaking to us. We can remember times of blessing from God. We can direct our thoughts to him without any interference.

No one likes to be alone but sometimes it is necessary in order for us to get closer to God. It is a time for our faith to grow in the assurance that God’s promises are true and that he is right with us even though we may not see, be able to touch him, or hear him with our ears. Embrace your alone time. Embrace God’s presence and let your faith grow. Embrace the fact t that he is right there with you always.