When we accept Jesus as our savior we become a two part being. Jesus gives birth to our spirit that resides in our heart and is the core of our being, which is who we really are. Then we have our soul, which is our mind, our will, and our emotions within the body, and that is where the sinful nature resides. The spirit is what births the good desires within us and the soul is full of our sinful human nature.

The part of us that has the desire to do right and good is the spirit part of our being, which is who we were created by God to be and who He chooses to see when He looks at us. Our spirit is the part of us that God created perfectly, uniquely and wonderfully.

Our soul, our sinful nature, is the product of Adam’s sin that was birthed in us and the part of us that Jesus died for. He died so that we would not be punished for that sinful nature and to give birth to our spirit. He covers our sinful nature, our soul, with himself so that God only sees Him and our spirit when He looks upon us.

When we do things that we know we shouldn’t do or that we do not want to do it is our sinful nature overpowering our spirit. It is not the core part of our being that is committing the sin, therefore it is not really us who is doing it, but our sinful nature influencing our soul to do it. We have that one part of us that is wanting to do right but we also have this part of us that really wants to do wrong. And that desire to do wrong is super strong because it is use to getting it’s way and wants to keep getting it. So now we have to work on resisting those loud cries of the soul wanting what it wants and choose to do what the spirit wants to do.

God knows who we really are, who He created us to be, and that is who He sees us to be because of Jesus. He does not look at us as horrible beings. He knows that we are all too human and that the only way that we can be anything any more than human is through Jesus and by His grace and mercy. He sees us as the potential of who we can be with a lot of His help.

When God gave me this understanding of the difference of my spirit and my soul, my sinful nature, it brought a certain freedom from the condemnation that I had over my sinful actions. It was not an excuse to use or a reason to keep sinning, but an understanding of how God chose to look at the situation. It was as if He was telling me that He sees and knows the good side of me. That He knows my core being wants to do right and good all the time. That He looks at me for who I really am and not what I do or don’t do. He was not going to look at my faults, failures, disobedience and throw them in my face like people do. And because of that it made me want to be better and to gain better control over my sinful nature so that I could be who God had created me to be and to have the life that I could have.

God knows our heart and He knows who it is that we really are because He created us that way. He also knows the sinful nature and it’s power over our soul. He has chose to look at us not for what we do but for who we are. Any part of us that is unclean, beat up, scared up, bruised up, and messy is covered and hidden from God by the blood of Jesus. And since God already sees us as who we really are and not what we do lets stop condemning ourselves and see ourselves the way that He does and our actions will begin to follow what we believe.

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