I do not believe that I am the only one that does not like to admit my faults, failures, or mistakes. I want to do right and I want to make everybody happy but that is not possible. I spent many years trying to defend myself whenever I was confronted about something I did wrong. I was always coming up with a reason or an excuse to justify my actions or lack of actions. I never realized how much energy it took out of me trying to justify myself. I even had reasons and excuses to God for my actions.

One day the Lord put on my heart that He knows what it is like to be human. He knows the struggles, the temptations, the weaknesses. He walked this earth as a human as well and experienced the same things that we do from day to day. And because He has walked in our shoes he understands what it is like. He faced the same exact things but because He was part God he was able to endure and not sin. He knows that if he were not controlled by His supernatural part that He would fall and fail just as we do. He gets it and He does not expect us to be perfect.

I finally got it and it was such a relief and freeing. I did not have to make up excuses. I could be real and vulnerable because He gets it. I finally understood that He understands me and that I did not have to be perfect in order for him to accept me. I could be weak and a mess and He would love me the same. There is something about knowing that someone gets you and that they understand the struggle. To be able to be yourself, just as you are, and not feel bad about it frees you to be better. To be able to accept your bad days just as you accept your good days frees you from condemnation. And to know that we can keep it real with Jesus because He gets us frees us be who we are all the time instead of trying to defend a bad choice or make an excuse for the wrong decision.

We are all human and no one will get it right all of the time. We all have weakness, faults, wrongs, failures, mistakes, etc. And if no one else can understand you Jesus can. If you can not keep it real with anyone else, you can keep it real with Jesus. So come boldly to Him, open up to Him, keep it real with Him, and He will give you rest. You can rest in the fact that He accepts all of you and that he understands your struggles. You can find rest in the fact that He loves you in the middle of your mess. You can find rest in the fact that if no one else gets you, He does and He always will no matter what.

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