Be thankful

As I was reading in LUKE 19:11-26 I began to think about what I do with the things that the Lord has gifted me with? Rather it is material things, money, food, knowledge, joy, or love, everything good that we have is a gift from God. And we should do good with them, be generous with them, and never take it for granted. I seen for myself the results of doing well with what we have and with taking it for granted. The bible tells us in LUKE 19:26, use well what you have been given and even more will be given, but do nothing with what you have been given and what little you have will be taken away. And that is the truth.

God gives us the good things that we have in our lives and we should do good with them. Even if you have worked hard for what you have, do not think for a moment that you were able to have that job to be able to make that money to have the things that you have without God providing the job for you. Every dollar, every car, every item of food, all knowledge, joy, and love is a gift to us from God and we should use it wisely so that it will multiply. If we are generous and do good by what we have then we will continue to be blessed. As long as we are doing morally right (or so I call it) then we will always have what we need and plus some. It is also a great feeling of joy and peace when we are generous and share the blessings that God has given us. Always remember that everything that you have can be taken away in the blink of an eye so always give thanks to God and share your blessings. It will only increase your blessings, your joy, and your gratitude.

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