Your okay

Once we accept Jesus into our hearts there is nothing that will ever make Him turn His back on us accept unbelief in Him. As long as we believe that He is who He says He is and that He did what He said He did then we will always be part of Him and Him part of us. There is no behavior, action, thought, habit, or disobedience that will make Him not accept and love us. Even if we get off the narrow path and travel down the wide destructive path for a long time, if we come back to the narrow path He will walk right beside us. He will pick up where He left off in our walk with Him to becoming who He created us to be and having the life that He has for us.

Many people get off track on their walk with God and think that God is mad at them or that He won’t accept them anymore because of what they have done. But that is not the truth. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He understands the human nature and our weaknesses. He knows our hard headedness and how stubborn we can be. He knew everything that we would ever do before we accepted Him into our hearts. We are no surprise to God and there is nothing that we will ever do that will catch Him off guard or that He did not already know that we were going to do. He knows that it is going to take our entire lives to work out our imperfections and He is okay with that. He knows how many times we are going to be selfish, follow our sinful nature, do what we want to do, be disobedient, make a mistake, and not listen to Him. But yet He loves us still and He always will.

Our problem is that when we know that we are not following the Holy Spirit and are doing things that we know are not pleasing to God we get mad at ourselves. We start to beat ourselves up and not accept ourselves. We get filled with shame, guilt, and regret. We start to feel unworthy and like we are a bad person. We start to have bad thoughts about ourselves and wonder what is wrong with us. We want to do right, but we do wrong. We do what we do not want to do and then wonder why we keep doing it. We start to listen to all the lies that the enemy puts in our head and many times we begin to believe them. Then our actions get worse and we feel even worse about ourselves. We end up in a deep dark pit and the enemy is sitting there laughing at us. But we do not have to stay in that pit and we can give the enemy a big black eye by standing back up and using God’s grace to pull ourselves back up.

Even if we have a clear conscience and are doing all that we know we should be doing we are still undeservant of God’s love and mercy. By our human nature we are sinners and were enemies of God. But because of His grace and love for us He made a way that we could be made right with Him. He wanted to be able to love us and be a part of our lives so badly that He sent Jesus to take our punishment so that we could Be His children. It is hard to understand that depth of love because we are unable to love that deep. But if God loved us that much then we should love Him enough to love ourselves enough to accept that we are loved by Him no matter what we do. He sees us for who we really are and not for what we do. Just because we smoke ciggerettes does not mean that He sees us as a cigerrette. Just because we say a curse word does not mean that He sees us as a curse word. Just because we have a bad attitude does not mean that He sees us as a nasty person (he knows our heart and why we have that attitude).

We are going to have struggles, ups and downs, set backs, failures, fall backs, and make bad choices. There is no way that we can be perfect and God does not expect us to be. If you have been struggling with your righteousness and have been having thoughts that do not line up with the truth of God’s word then you have to renew your mind. Spend time in the word, write down scriptures that declare who you are in Christ, and then say them over and over and think about them daily until they get rooted back in your heart. We can not change a thing until we change the way that we think about it first. What we think about is what we end up believing and how we end up acting. Remind yourself how loved you are, how uniquely made you are, how special you are, how strong you are, that God lives within you, that you are righteous because of Jesus, that you are accepted by God, and that you are never alone because God is with you always. Once we can think correct thoughts then our actions will follow and we will step into the life that Jesus has for us. And if we get off track there is no need to worry because God’s grace and mercy is bigger than our mistakes. Your are the righteousness of God in Christ and He loves you always and forever.

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