Be thankful

How many times do you go through the day without acknowledging the Lord and His works? I know for myself I regrettably do it often. I have often found myself discouraged, worried, or weary. I find myself thinking about all the things that are not going the way that I would like for them to go, all of the uncertain out comes, all of the what if’s, all of the if only this would happen. Then I find myself with lack of joy and peace.

The Lord said to me the other day, “you are looking at the things that are stealing your joy and your peace. You are not looking at all that I am doing in you and in your life. You are looking at the things that are not working in your favor. Pay attention to me and your peace and joy will return.” He was right, of course, I was not looking at all that He was and is doing in my everyday life. I had my focus all wrong. I wonder how many of us do the same thing.

There are so many things that we have to be thankful for that I think we often overlook. We take for granted the blessings that we have in our lives. We let our troubles, our lack, and our inconveniences stay in the front of our minds instead of all the things that we do have. We let our minds steal our own joy and peace from us when we are facing difficulties. We can be happy and thankful in the midst of troubles if we focus on all the good that is around us.

There are numerous things that we can be thankful for and keep our joy while we are going through things. Do you have running water, electricity, food, clothes, friends, kids, church, sunshine, warm weather, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, a car, good neighbors, tooth paste, toilet paper, shoes, socks, and the list goes on? All these things, and many more, are things that we should be very grateful for and are reasons to have joy. There are people in the world that have nearly nothing, do not know when they will get another meal, do not have a roof over their head, do not own a pair of shoes, and have never been able to drink fresh water or brush their teeth.

Being thankful for the things that are going right and the things that we have will help us maintain joy in our hearts while we are facing difficulties but we will have to be thankful on purpose. The enemy will use our troubles to bring us down and will put the thoughts of what we are going threw on repeat in our heads. But we can come against his attack by choosing to look at all the good that we do have and thanking God for them. When we choose to focus on our blessings it will make our problems seem smaller and help us to endure them. We actually gain strength from being thankful and focusing on the good.

Don’t let the enemy beat you up with the constant thoughts of what is going wrong in your life. Choose to focus on what blessings you have and what is good. Thank God for the smallest things in your life and watch your problems get smaller and your joy increase.

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