He has our back

ISAIAH 43 1-7 has been a great encouragement to me as I have faced difficult times. When I am overwhelmed with troubles I find comfort in these verses. When I am feeling alone and discouraged I find peace in these verses.

God tells us that we should not be afraid because He is with us, he has called us by name and we are His. When we go through tough times and difficulty we are not alone and we will make it through because He is with us. He has ransomed us and gave us freedom. He will help us and our children no matter how far away we have gotten from Him. We are precious to him, we are honored, and He loves us.

The truths of how God feels about me brings me great comfort when I am feeling like I am not measuring up. To know that He cares about the things that I am going through and that He cares about me even in the midst of my messes gives me hope. To know that I will make it through life’s troubles and difficulties gives me strength to press on because I know that I am not alone.

I encourage you to read ISAIAH 43 1-7 nlt version for yourself and let God speak to you through His word. No matter what you are facing today, you are not alone. You have a mighty God that loves you dearly and wants to comfort, strengthen, and guide you. Let His truth be a light in the midst of the gloom around you.

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