Hope for the best

For many of us life has had a lot of disappointments. We have hoped for this to happen or for that to come to pass only to be let down. After this has happened time and time again and the pain of the disappointment becomes all to familiar we begin to lose hope, not expecting anything good to happen. After all if we don’t expect anything good to happen then we won’t be disappointed when it doesn’t happen right. That was my mind frame for many years. I was trying to protect myself from the pain of disappointment. But I was also making myself miserable. I walked around with no hope of anything good. And to a point I walked around expecting bad things to happen. This is not the way that God wants us to be. That is not what Jesus died for us to do.

We are able to have hope that we would not normally have when we put our trust in God. We can hope for the best knowing that God will work all things out for our good. We can rest assure that if something that we are hoping for doesn’t work out then it is because it is not in the best interest of us. Although it may seem that it is a good thing and fitting for us but God knows things that we do not know. We may think that the career that we want is the best for us but God knows what our desires and interest are going to be years down the road so it may not be the best career for us in the long run. We may think that we have the perfect life long partner but God knows what will happen in the future with that person and it may not be a good fit for our future so it comes to an end. He knows what will bring lasting joy and peace to us and our lives.

I live by the saying that everything happens for a reason. That statement has helped me to get through many disappointments in my life. I am able to have hope because I trust in God. I am able to have hope because living without is not fun at all. I would rather hope for alot and only get half of it than to not hope for anything. Not everything is going to go the way that we want it to go and not everything is going to happen that we want to happen. But trust that God knows what is best and that everything happens for a reason. Hope for the best today and every day of your lives.

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