Free to be you

Say this after me, “I am who I am. And it is not my responsibility to make others like, approve of, or agree with, me.” As a child of God we are free from the rules of the world. We are free to do what our heart desires. We are free to be who we were created to be. We no longer have to do what is “in” at the time. We no longer have to respond to others the way that they respond to us. We no longer have to worry about living up to the expectations of the world, and those in it. We no longer have to worry about if someone approves of, or likes us.

When we are living by the world we are not following our heart and it makes us miserable on the inside, always feeling like we do not measure up in some way. But when we choose to live for God we are set free from the world and can live the life that we were created to live, being who we were created to be. When I was living for the world I was constantly consumed with some kind of shame, guilt, or regret because I was always going against what I felt in my heart. I would respond in ways that my heart was telling me not to towards others. I would do things that I knew in my heart I should not do but I wanted to fit in with others. I was always trying to please others in my actions and words but never felt as if I was measuring up. I would allow things that I knew were not right. Because I was not being who I was created to be, following my heart, I was causing internal misery for myself.

Then I decided that I was going to live for God instead of the world. I started following my heart, learning how to be who I was created to be. I was kind, I was compassionate, I was funny, I had talents, and I spoke the truth in love. I became the happiest that I had ever been because I had gained the freedom to be me. I did not have to hide who I was, how I felt, or what was right or best. I followed my heart and I always had the best interest of others in mind. I wanted to help those who asked for advice. I wanted to walk with those who needed someone to guide them through something. I wanted others to have the freedom and the joy that I had inside. I felt the pain that others were in and shared their tears. I felt like I was doing what Jesus wanted me to do by being the best example that I could, loving others as myself.

After several times of rejection, wrong reactions, wrong interpretations of what I was saying, ridicule for speaking the truth in loving ways, and harsh reactions from others, I began to shrink back. I began to be quiet. I began to not act at all. I became a sponge that absorbed everything that others brought my way, listening only and not voicing what was on my heart, not standing up for what was right, not guiding, not being kind nor mean, simply doing and being nothing (as I felt it to be). I began to be miserable again, feeling like I could not be who I was, because someone always disapproved of, did not like, or did not agree with me. I was right back in the condition that God had brought me out of.

Then one night God said, “Mandie, you are who I created you to be. As long as you are following your heart (my spirit), having everyone’s well being in mind, then it is not up to you how other ‘s receive it. You are a great person, you mean well, you are compassionate. You are who you are and it is up to others to take it or leave it. As long as you know that you mean well and that your heart is right don’t worry about what others say or how they react to you. I love you, I approve of you, I agree with you loving others enough to speak the truth to them in love, and that is all that matters. You are free to be you. You no longer have to seek the approval of those in the world. I know you, I see your heart, and it is good. Be who I created you to be, so that, you can have the peace and joy that you deserve.” That was what I needed to be reminded of. I needed to be reminded that it is not up to me to make everybody agree with me or the way that I do things. As long as I am not intentionally hurting anyone and I am doing the best that I can then that is all that I can do.

Not everyone is going to like us or agree with us. Not everybody is going to like hearing the truth that we speak to them because the truth about ourselves sometimes hurts. It is hard to hear our faults that are hurting ourselves or others. But we must speak those things to those we care about. If we love them, we will speak truth to them no matter their possible reaction. Not everyone is going to like the music we listen to or the hobbies that we have. But their opinion does not matter. What does matter is God’s opinion. And as long as your heart is right then you are right in his eyes. Live in the freedom that He gives to be who He created you to be. If you are living for the worlds approval then you will never be happy because it is always changing, wanting something different. God just wants you to be who he created you to be and then you will live in forever joy, peace, freedom, and satisfaction with life. You are free to be you!!!!

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