Ultimately it is up to you

Do you want to be free from the chains that are holding you down? Do you want to wake up with a smile on your face every morning? Do u want to break that habit that you hate? I think that we all have areas in our lives that we are praying for change, hoping for deliverance, wishing to stop what we are doing. But the problem is that we won’t get it by just praying, just hoping, or just wishing. Yes God can miraculously change anything but more often He provides the way but we have to do the work.

Have you been praying for something and have had something put on your heart that you should do? Have you been hoping for something and feel that you are should do something? Have you been wishing for something to happen that you have had going on in your heart? I have been going through this situation for awhile now. I have been struggling with some stuff and I have been praying, hoping, and wishing. Well as I was praying the other night about all the things that I am struggling with it was like a light bulb went off inside of me and God told me that just talking about it wouldn’t change anything. Afterwards I received confirmation from the scripture that I read and the teaching that I watched the next day that it was God telling me to do what I know to do that will bring forth the changes that I am seeking. I have known things that I could do to make things better. I have known the ways that i can increase my joy and peace. Because I have already been around this mountain with God before I know what works. But for some reason I didn’t want to put in my part of the work, I wanted God to do it all for me.

I have listened to many teachings, read many books, done many bible studies, and I was full of the knowledge that I needed to make the changes that I want to make. But I was not doing what I knew to do. I would talk and talk about if you want this then you do this but I was not doing anything. So of course that made me feel even worse about myself. When we know what we should do but we do not do it we harbor guilt and shame towards ourselves. We lack purpose and accomplishment because we are not applying ourselves. We can end up feeling horrible about ourselves and feel like we will never be able to change.

We can do what is on our hearts to do or what we want to do. We can have victory and make the changes that we want to make. We can have the abundant life that Jesus wants us to have. But nobody can do it for us and God will not do the work for us. He will equip us with all that we need on the inside to accomplish what we set out to do but He will not make us take the steps.

If you are seeking change in any area and you already know some things that you can do to help make the change then decide today that you are not going to be the cause of your own defeat any longer. Decide today that you are going to do what you gotta do to get to where you want to be. Come against the spirits of laziness, compromise, and fear in the name of Jesus and declare that you are going to do what you need to do with the power of God that is within you. Our life is ours and nobody else can live it for us. We have to put in the work and not just talk. We will have victory as long as we take steps toward it. Get determined today that you are going to do what you know you need to do and trust God to provide the strength to do it.

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