Be your best you

The power of sin is something that we all experience (Roman’s 3:9). The power of sin has been evident in all of our lives. It is real and it is a struggle. But because of Jesus, the power of sin has been broken. Because he overpowered sin he broke it’s control. And if we have Jesus within us then we have also been freed from the power of sin. We now have new options instead of just doing what the sinful nature says to do.

When we first start to try to not do something that we have been doing for a long time it is hard to deny that urge or that usual way of doing something. It is hard to choose to do what we know we should do instead of what we want to do. It is a fight within us to choose to do life differently. To treat people kind that are not so kind to us. To choose to not spend that money on something that we want. To choose to be truthful when the truth may hurt someone else. To choose to not complain when things aren’t going our way. To choose to put others first. The list goes on and on with the things that we may need to do differently in order to gain a better life and a better self.

After we make the first right choice the power that sin has over us loses a teeny tiny bit of power. Then the second time we choose the right choice it loses a tiny bit more power. Then the third time it loses alil bit more power. This goes on and on and all the while our spirit (our new man) is becoming stronger and more powerful within us, helping us to make the right choices. Once we have done this for a while the power that sin had over us is decreased so much that we naturally start to make better choices and decisions without having to fight against the sinful nature.

Jesus wants us to be our best selves and to have the best life that we can possibly have. And his spirit within us will help us achieve that if we dig our heals in deep and refuse to continue on with the way that we have been doing things that are keeping us from having it. But the enemy wants the exact opposite of that and he is in the business of doing all that he can to keep us in misery. He will us the sinful nature to plaque us with struggles and difficulties that nobody can change but us. He will make us our own worst enemies by using the sinful nature to try to keep us in defeat.

We can win the battle of sin. We can win the battle of choices. We can make better decisions, making for a better life and a better self. We are not fighting the battle alone and we can withstand the urges of doing what is not best to do. Love yourself enough to tell your “bad” side no. Love yourself enough to fight the “but I want to’s”. Want a best life and a best you enough to deny yourself the things that are keeping you from being your best and having the best. It will be extremely hard to tell yourself no in the beginning but I promise you that it will get easier and that you won’t be sorry that you did when you are completely filled with joy and peace and satisfaction of life.

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