The bible says that we have the ability to have life because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. It says that we can now have peace, joy, and love. It says that our old life gone and we now have new life. But it also says that we have to choose that life. That we have to put on our new life like new clothing. When we buy a new outfit it does not just appear on our body. We have to put the clothes on our body ourselves. The clothes do not do the work for us. And just like we have to put the new outfit on, we also have to choose to be peaceful, joyful, and loving.

Because of what Jesus did on the cross we are automatically okay with God despite our actions but the life that we have on this earth is up to how we choose to approach it. Jesus showed us how we could have peace and joy no matter what we were going through but it is up to us to put into practice the things that He has taught us. He can not make us have peace if we choose to be negative and dramatic. He can not make us be happy if we choose to have bad, sad, or downward thoughts and outlooks. He can not make us have love inside of us if we are filled with bitterness and hatred. But He can help us to have peace, joy, and love if we are willing to approach life in the best manner that we know how and be willing to do things differently than we have been doing them. We can want them things but until we choose to approach life and situations differently then nothing will change for the good.

If you want the peace, joy, and love that is offered to you through Jesus then decide today that you are willing to do things different. Pray to God to help you to choose to do things differently than you have been doing them and to help you gain what it is that you want. He will help you if you are willing to do what you can do.

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